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The Music Producer

Who the “heaven” is the producer?

I started producing back in 2002, and over the past few years, I’ve noticed a trend in the music business where more and more people are losing sight of what the true role of a music producer is.  Producers are now defined as “beat makers,” that dude behind the board” in the recording studio, or even “the guy who owns the studio.”  The truth is that a music producer by definition can be all of those things–or none of those things.

To all of my “Beat Makers” out there:   you’re definitely a piece of the puzzle.  But, if you’re not able take an artist, record them, mix the record and/or get it mastered, then you’re not really a music producer.  I know this can sound a bit harsh, but I think being precise with our job descriptions will help to clear the air and avoid confusion–not just in the urban Christian music community, but in the urban music community as a whole.

Of course, anything can be negotiated with an artist or management company.  You might be able to negotiate to receive credit as a producer when you’ve only contributed a beat, but I feel that is misleading.  As producers or aspiring producers, you’ll benefit from better understanding your role, so that you can understand the value you should bring to a project.  From there, you can equip yourself with the necessary tools to be a music producer in the truest sense.  That will set you apart from the beat makers, and trust me:  once word gets out, you will have more work than you can handle.  In particular, it’s been my experience that if you can create a true one-stop shop for music production–and you’re good, independent artists will come running.

Anyway, hit me with your thoughts and questions.

Here is a beat for you to ponder on!!!….who can u hear on this track?…lemme know….

JahRock’n New School Hip Hop Beat – Gimmie a Reason

Chris “Rock” Belmont

JahRockn Logo

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