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So, it was mid afternoon Saturday – – I remember it well – – a Skype and text message from Big Vic letting me know that Braille was going to be doing his thing that night at North Star – – bringing some out of town Christian rap to the scene.  Now I can’t remember how detailed it was in the message (ohhhh, wait a sec, let me check the iphone for the text message – – got it – – it was detailed) “North Star Bar TONIGHT in Philly @ 9:15.”

Ok, so I admit it, I totally overlooked and didn’t spend any thought on the “Bar” part of that sentence.  So, I plan to go and take James, Jr. (17) with me to the event.  You know how it is, you get all revved up to go spend some time at an event, be a fan for a sec, fellowship with folks, etc.   So me and the son head out to the event, drive down to North Star, find parking and walk to the front door….only for me to THEN realize that “Yo, this is really a Bar,” with peeps outside waiting in line to get in (not all of them to see Braille, many just wanting their drink (or two, or three)).

That’s it, that’s why Trig was a no show!

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