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Recently, I had the opportunity to re-connect with a missionary I had met when I was doing the booking for DJ Promote. He has a heart for youth and isn’t just sitting around warming a church pew. I asked him to share, on a monthly basis, his triumphs and trials, along with his experiences in Durban, South Africa. There are a lot of people (namely me) who have no clue what missionary work is all about. We (I) sit with the common comforts of our lives…our TVs, computers, phones and our secure mindset of rarely having to sacrifice anything other than an occasional check to the local missionary fund. Until we (I) stop to see and hear how God is using someone, we just assume He’s not. Below is an introduction written by the missionary…

There is something mystical and even spiritual to me about the way music, film, and even poetry has a way of somehow penetrating the very depths of our souls. We can be so easily hypnotized and led by each of these art forms. In my opinion, what better way to lead people into a loving relationship with the Creator of their souls?  In essence, that is what I do.  My name is Ndumiso Mafu, and I am a 21st century missionary to global youth culture.

At a young age, I made a commitment that would change the trajectory of my life forever. I committed to following Jesus Christ, and since that time, my life has been filled with purpose and adventure.  From narrowly escaping death in India, dialoguing with producers and entertainers, to sharing the gospel with thugs and prostitutes in the cold streets of Detroit, the situation and location may vary, but the objective is always the same.  Bring light to the dark, hope to the hopeless and life to the dead.  Such is the call and mission of Christ.

Six years ago, I started a media company with a group of friends called Impilo.  Our mission is to encourage people who think God is irrelevant to be followers of Jesus.  Our vision is to be a leading positive voice within global youth culture.  We believe cities are the way of the future and as a result have committed to implementing Impilo in cities all across the world. Currently our focus is in the city of Durban, South Africa.  Much of what I will be blogging about are of the people and situations I encounter while spreading hope and life to youth culture.  That’s who I am and I’m excited to share more experiences of what God is doing out here.  For more information about Impilo check us out on Facebook (Impilo Media) and at our website,  To track with me as I journey around, feel free to follow me on twitter @ntmafu.  Until next time, God bless.

Ndumiso Mafu

Check the video for more on Impilo and Ndumiso…

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