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Captain Kirt – “Street Cure Mixtape”
Released: 2011
Reviewed by: Hipknokerz
Rating: 4.9 (Out of 10)

[xrr rating=4.9/10]

When I heard this was a mixtape, I expected many tracks with the DJ scratching and mixing in between each track and giving it some cohesiveness. It came through with two out of three, only wishing that DJ GBless did more on the tracks. The beats were really good, sometimes outshining the artists. Capt Kirk’s delivery seems to be on point most of the time, but with some tracks like “Blessings” and “Lookin 4 a Way Out” you can hear that he is using whatever he can to record, since you hear sibilance and noise on the track. The mixing needs to be tighter, with some tracks over bassing the vocals and with others having the vocals pumping mud.

Some of the tracks were good, but some other ones just sound corny. The good ones; Da Only Way, Friend Like You, Goody Goody, and Babygirl. The tracks that make the album sound amateur; Crank Dat Prayer, Blessing, Lookin 4 a way out, Fight, and Special.

I feel that he has a wonderful heart for the Lord, but I believe that the sounds need to be cleaner with a more professional sound. I am not trying to squash his spirit at all, and I look forward to seeing more projects from him.

The music sounds better than the vocals and there wasn’t much versatility in beat choices. The major crutch was the vocal’s quality and vocal mixing. The lyrics were straight forward and choppy sounding like he wasn’t 100% confident at all times. Sometimes he sounded like he was out of breath. The content was basic and expressive of his faith, but not deep in thought. It was easy to convey with minimum word play and metaphors. Him being from the south, most of the tracks reflected a deep South sound. He comes across the mic as a witness for Christ, but I couldn’t feel any connection with him, personally. The artwork was unique and grungy. I would love to see a more professional look next time around. I really think the mixing and mastering of this project hurt the overall sound quality, and it would have sounded better if done professionally.

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 6
2. Flow – 3
3. Creativity / Originality – 4
4. Relevancy – 5
5. Content & Character – 9
6. Credibility & Confidence – 4
7. Personality – 4
8. Presentation Quality – 6
9. Overall Production Quality – 3
10. Potential Impact – 5

Author: JD

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