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Legend – “Sovereign”
Released: 2011
Reviewed by: Hipknokerz
Rating: 6.1 (Out of 10)
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Here is a song by song breakdown. Be warned, it’s extremely raw and uncut. What I thought, I wrote.


The beat is very catchy, but how the vocals were mixed sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s difficult to spit on the subject of creation when trying to recite concept to concept like the way Genesis is written, but he did an OK job on it. The low end of the mix is cut off too much and there isn’t enough bass. Sometimes you can hear that he raps a little too early on some parts of the verse.

Christian Rapper

The beat is ok, not great. But the mix is again horrible. No bass, straight mids and highs. Voice is all up in my face, makes me sick of his voice quickly. Let another person mix it, you already doing everything else J. I really like the topic of Christian rappers battling and putting others down, I like his approach. I would like to know who he is addressing this to.

Blessed be the Day

The first thing that popped in my head when I heard this song is, “OH NO, the dude bit off of Phil Collins!!!” So already, I wasn’t a fan of this song. Again, how the vocals were mixed and recorded was not done right. I just can’t put my finger on what it is. I looked into the mastering company and checked their work, and they are legit and tight. There is a problem in either the mixing or the recording. Then, they sung the tune of, “God, you are my God. And I will ever praise you” so that’s strike two. The vocals aren’t really in tune. I don’t want to say that he can’t sing, but maybe with more training he will be very good at it.


Love this track, well done. The cadence of Legend is anything than legendary. Kind of choppy, predictable. And the hook is not done right, he has trouble staying on tune, for real.  I love the topic though, and how he talks about it is straight forward, easy to listen and understand.

Holy Hip Hop

I am not going to mention what his voice sounds like. He sounds like an amateur vocalist. It sounds like he knows how to move a crowd and use crowd participation with this track. He used some secular ideas in his rap, so it could be seen as a possibility to reach non believers. Whoever this other rapper is, screaming on the mic (don’t know if it is him with a changed voice or not, doesn’t say anything in the credits) needs to stop! It is disturbing. The singing part at the end made me push stop on my player.  I needed a break from his voice, sorry.

No Accidents

This is my favorite track on the project. Sadly, it’s not because of his artistic talent. I love this topic and how he put it together. I could hear part of his heart on this track, and seems to be more real than just a showman or rapper. Sounds like a cool dude to talk to.

Love the interlude, awesome witness!

Crucified with Christ

Good solid intro, and then here goes his singing voice again! He definitely needs to get some training on singing. In love brother, in love.

Let Go and Let God

I like how this track is slower, and more emotional. I like this hook as well.  He sings in a lower frequency and he sounds better down there. Great beat, wow! English ripped it! He has a good flow and switches up his cadence as well. Good bars there.

Holy Matrimony

Another good track. Legend has good taste on getting beats. But this happens to be the song where you can hear how “not good” he sings. It’s a shame too, love the topic and the beat is sick. But at the end, AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Hard Words

Really like the different track, and again I love the topic and how he presents it. There isn’t any singing on this one, so it’s ok J

Parables of the LOST

I can’t stand his singing. Sorry. It makes me get up and leave. I don’t even want to finish this review anymore. Need a break, be back.


Beat sounds like a royal ruckus joint, old school. I like the topic of Islam and Christianity. I would like to know where he got these facts from. It is intellectually stimulating. The song is ok.

Kingdom Come

This track sounds like it’s directed to Middle School kids. He sings the whole way through this track. I am done.

Sending me Angels

This is a hot track. I like how they put the sample in. It fit well. Good topic of thanking others who God used to reach him.

Days of our Lives

The track is okay. I think it would be better if a more talented artist was on it. Sorry, just being honest. There he goes singing again, pressing next right now…


I love the track. The sounds and the vocals are strong, nice!! The vocals are mixed to loud in comparison to the track. I can’t hear the beat along with your vocals.

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 8 Beats are diverse and catchy
2. Flow – 3 Flows sound the same throughout the album, cadence is monotonous and boring at times. If he wasn’t singing I would of put a 5, but the singing needs WORK.
3. Creativity / Originality – 6 Some of the topics are different than what’s out there.
4. Relevancy – 5 There are some good subjects, but no great metaphors and I feel that the demographics was really wide and unspecific.
5. Content & Character – 8 although some of the songs were kind of boring, some other ones were creative and challenging. Good out ways the not so good.
6. Credibility & Confidence – 6 He does not sound timid on the mic, but he doesn’t sound “professional” or “Mature” either.
7. Personality – 9 I feel that this album showed many facets of himself. From teacher to goof ball to friend. He did a good job on this category
8. Presentation Quality – 7 Not to shabby on the artwork.
9. Overall Production Quality – 3 I do not like how the vocals sat in the mix, neither the singing, panning the vocals or the levels of his vocals. It got annoying quick.
10. Potential Impact – 6 He has great zeal! With training, I believe he will be a great artist. I believe that he has much to grow in the areas of singing, cadence and maturity of rapping skill. I look forward to other products of his to see his growth.

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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