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Released: 2011

Reviewed by: Ed Welch

Rating: 4.8 (Out of 10)

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Nuncio steps on the scene with High, the EP.  There’s only 5 songs to work with here, so I’ll go ahead and give a short breakdown of each song.

“First [East Coast]”

The beat is really simple and Nuncio doesn’t really do anything lyrically that pulled me in either.  The hook is serviceable, but maybe not.  The hook didn’t “hook” me in at all.  Is the song “bad”?  No, but it’s not great either.


The beat is a little bit better.  It’s not as simple, and has a better melody.  The hook is much better.  Nuncio still hasn’t dropped any great rhymes yet.  The rhymes are “ok”.  Once again…not bad, just not great.

“Strippa’ Music”

Yeah, you read that right…strippa’ music.  Ok, I actually dislike this beat.  It’s more percussion than anything else.  Outside of that, it’s pretty naked. Hahaha!  Ok, I couldn’t help it.  I do mean what I said though.  The percussion isn’t good enough to carry the track like other songs, because the sounds they used are either dated or annoying.  The content of the verses is solid, but the hook is weak.  Especially when you consider the catchiest part of the hook is “This is the music that strippers dance to.”  Yeah, I’d hate to have my kids repeating this all the time, because they were bumping this CD.  Smh…gotta think these things through, bro.

“I’mma Make It”

The beat sounds like elevator music that’s skipping only to repeat the same few notes over and over again.  Just like the beat is too repetitive, I feel like I’m being too repetitive as I describe each song.  Copy and paste what I’ve said earlier about his rhymes.

“First [West Coast]”

…Sounds like the same lyrics, with a different beat.  Still have the same results.  The beat is different but still really simple.  Oh, let me clarify something.  There’s nothing wrong with “simple” if it’s tight.  There are some bonafide hits out there that have “simple” beats.  What I really am meaning to say is, there is nothing really attractive (or catchy) about these beats, so the fact that they’re really simple stands out.  Sorry for the lack of clarity.

In short, listening to this project didn’t annoy me or offend me (aka if it’s playing in the background, you won’t feel the urge to skip anything).  This EP has an “OK” flow from song to song.  Nuncio does the bare minimum lyrically to hold it all together.  The content is pretty cool, but keep in mind what I said about “Strippa’ Music” if you have young children (that don’t listen to all the lyrics) that pull from your Christian rap stash.  On the flip side there is nothing that is “great” about this project.  Nothing made me smile or really pulled me in lyrically, or musically (aka it was actually kinda boring).  If this is Nuncio’s normal beat selection, he’s gonna have to step it up lyrically to make it all balance out.  But hey, everybody is a critic.  I’m just the guy who wrote the review.  Peace and much love.

Ed Welch aka E Pluribus Unum

Music                           4

Flow                            4

Lyricism                       4

Content                        5

Creativity                      5

Credibility                     4

Personality                    6

Presentation                  6

Overall Production        5

Potential Impact            5

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