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Rsa – “Fighting Relapse”
Released:  11/01/2011
Reviewed by: WyldBill “The Khalifa”
Rating: 8.45 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=8.45/10]

Corissa Stubbs, known as Rsa (pronounced Rissa) was born in Freeport, Bahamas in 1987. Rsa was raised by her mother and grandmother in the ghetto of Hawksbill. She began writing songs in the 7th grade and by the end of her high school years, she was known for her musical attributes among her peers. In 2005, Rsa began to pursue music seriously. Over a period of time Rsa’s music evolved and touched the hearts of many. Since 2006, Rsa released her first album entitled, The ReBirth. In 2010 she released two mixtapes, Life After Dark and its sequel. Rsa’s Fighting Relapse is a prelude to her forthcoming studio album, Perfection, which is based off of 1&2 Timothy.

Rsa is now, Ark… a Carrier of God’s Glory. Rsa is who she always was… A Child of the True & Living God. Rsa is a Carrier of the Gospel!

Now let’s get into the album, the heavy accent of Rsa gives up a 7 track banger with production from The Architectz, Eshon Burgundy (Philly’s own renaissance man and FLA transplant), Rah Beats, Swade Beatz (producer for KB, Lil Prophet, Phanatik, Gammage, Brinson, and Tjuan) & D. Edz Productions. The album opens with the “epic” (yeah, I use the word epic a lot) intro to the album, Iniquity Shall Abound. After hearing Rsa’s cadence on top of the iciness of the synths and background singing, the song makes you want to put your “fist in the air.” This was a good setup for the EP. Next up is the track titled, Who Tha King IS. This song has a gritty opening and leads to the chant, “Who The King is?  Yeshua!” over 808s.  Who Tha King IS and Busting Down Doors are pathways into crunk-ness. These tracks will have you throwing chairs…Real talk! My personal favorite is the “skank” infused, Prayer Fiend. A hip-hop quotable from this song is: “I am on my knees/ Like I got no feet/.” Rsa need to be feeding these songs to DJs in the Bahamas and Jamaica. The majority of Christian artists over in places like “Jamrock” are treated as “simply music artists” like their secular counterparts. Back to the album, the coldness of this album is apparent. You can hear her trip from this “cold world” to the twilight through her lyrics. The second half of the album brings another banger entitled Go Getta. I like how the beat changes at the end of the song and she sings a little. I can’t wait to hear more harmonizing from this MC. The next track is Perfection Intro. The track backdrop reminds me of Travis Porter/Roscoe Dash’s All The Way Turnt Up. Rsa’s alter ago, Ark, makes a visit on the horn laced track. Line from the Perfection Intro: “Clothed in righteousness/ Me fall off are you stupid/.” Seasons Changes reminds me of an early 2000s Cross Movement interlude. Rsa’s prayer is that you are encouraged by this album, and keep fighting the good fight of faith. This track is a perfect close to this trip down Rsa’s lane. I can’t wait to hear more.

The key tracks: Who Tha King Is, Prayer Fiend, and Go Getta, but you will enjoy the whole record!

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 8.5
2. Flow – 8
3. Lyricism – 9
4. Content– 10
5. Creativity/Originality/Relevancy – 7
6. Credibility & Confidence – 10
7. Personality & Character – 7
8. Presentation Quality – 8
9. Overall Production Quality – 9
10. Potential Impact – 8

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