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JClay makes spiritually conscious rap songs with the aim to heal you. He exposes false beliefs that limit growth. This is why you recognize what you hear as the truth.
As JClay puts it, the mind controls the body so healing it is just a matter of correcting your perception.

Floetic Dre

Andre (Floetic Dre), is a Christian rapper from the D[M]V area. He started rapping back in 2012 by the name of A.M.G. but since then calls himself Floetic Dre. He started as a secular rapper dedicating his nights staying up rapping over instrumentals in his shed. In 2015 when things didn’t go his way, he found himself lost and didn’t know where to go spiritually. He then decided to travel to Kentucky where he then began to work at camp glorifying God and the rest was history. Since then he has rereleased 4 official albums and a handful of singles that people love!

Floetic Dre performed at over a dozen churches and venues all over Maryland and other states such as Kentucky, North Carolina, and Indiana.

His love for God drives him to continue making music to this day so that people could one day use his music to become closer to God.

DJ Whirlwind

Robert K. Collins, PKA DJ Whirlwind, is the founder of Remnant hip hop ministries. This ministry includes a range of Christian artists and entertainers that travel the northeast sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

He overcame 25 years of drug addiction that led to 5 years in prison and homelessness, using that powerful testimony as he relates to the communities that he is trying to reach today.  Given his many gifts, he can be described as an evangelist, motivational speaker, DJ, and more, with an approach to reaching the youth that is filled with enthusiasm and excitement for the Lord.  Through his gifts, he demands the audience’s attention, leaving them inspired, motivated and excited to hear the word of God.


YB is originally from Pine Bluff, AR, but has spent most of his life on the road, not quite belonging in any one place. Despite a challenging upbringing as one of 8 children in a single mother home, YB found the presence of God at a young age. However, he remained wary of Christianity for many years because of the high commitment he knew it would require following Christ.

It wasn’t until his college years, when a local college pastor in Camden, AR paid for YB to go to a Passion conference, that he decided that “his life needed reworked.” YB surrendered all of himself, including his love for music, to Christ, and God began to rework him from the inside out. Through music, mentors, and his relationship with his now-wife, Tammy, YB found his call to pastoral ministry, as well as a burning passion for using music for impacting the lives of the next generation of God’s soldiers.

Over the years, YB has been determined to release fresh, engaging content to the youth of this generation. He debuted his first Christian Hip Hop album “Salvation” in 2014 and after a string of grabbing releases, YB went on to make a statement in March of 2018 with the release of “GSHS2” which peaked at 20 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel charts! Amid the 2020 pandemic, YB and his team has not missed a step, releasing several records, including “Provision” which charted peaked at #30 on the Christian & Gospel Charts.

In addition to spreading his love for Christ and music as a touring artist, YB also serves as a staple in the community, where he leads outreach opportunities partnering with the local church.

Ken the Messenger

Ken the Messenger, born Kendell Willis, is an inspirational songwriter and hip-hop artist on a mission to bring the gospel to the ghetto. Being the grandson of a Bishop, Ken was raised with one foot in the rough streets of Chicago, and the other foot in the church.

Today he strives to bridge the gap by allowing faith and love to meet people where they are, with music that could be played in the club, yet moving enough to be played on Sunday morning for all ages. God is present in every aspect of life, and Ken chooses to speak on it through music that you could also “turn up” to, without being boxed into any genre.

“If we can’t get them in the church to hear God’s message, then we gotta bring God’s message to them.”

Ken has performed over 75 shows (Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Indiana) and has opened for Tasha Page-Lockhart, The Walls Group, Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy, and Nia Allen. Ken was also nominated for a Chicago Music Award in 2021 for Best New Entertainer and was formerly on the Chicago-based management team of Grammy Award-winner, Jonathan McReynolds.

Nemo Jones 314

Nehemiah Holley aka NemoJones314, was born in St.Louis Missouri. Raised in a middle class/lower class place called U-City, same place which well known Recording Artist Nelly arose from. His love for music began when his parents were called to pastor at the age 11 they bought a building to fellowship in & it had an old drum set which his father said he could fix up and have. Thus his musical journey began. As he began to grow older, entering middle school & high school his love for God grew cold as he entered his teenage years. He began to try to fit in as a preacher’s kid. But after being introduced to hip-hop at the age of 14, being influenced by the raps, imagery & culture of it, He felt it was social pressure to be like the other kids who also was being influenced by it. Which led him to the streets, drinking, selling & using drugs, partying & womanizing. His love of music never stop. After so many years trying to succeed as a secular artist being frustrated by God because of the calling & purpose of his life, he totally surrendered his life whole heartily to Jesus & now uses all his gifts & talents to serve God by impacting hip-hop & pop culture with the gospel & truth of God’s word.

Eddy Puyol

Inspired by fatherhood and faith, Eddy Puyol (pronounced “pooh-yole”) is a game-changing artist from Florida whose songs articulate his passion, mindset, and drive.

Whether it’s being cast as a bachelor on the Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger dating show, performing at the Dove Awards, or hearing his anthem featured throughout ESPN’s NBA Draft coverage, Puyol (formerly known as Rawsrvnt) leverages his platforms to connect people to an ideal and abundant way of life.

“I love being able to brighten up someone’s day and offer them a soundtrack for life,” Eddy Puyol said.

Puyol regularly travels for performance and speaking engagements with messages that help listeners endure and overcome life’s obstacles with integrity.

For more information regarding Eddy Puyol please visit

David Veira

Brooklyn’s own David “Gauge” Veira, a Christian rapper, who is dedicated to ministering to the soul of anyone he meets. Growing up in Flatbush, David Veira immersed himself in the Hip-Hop culture and started rapping as a teenager. His stock as a rap artist rose and he gained notoriety for one of the highest-selling underground hit singles “Cranium”, which sold over 9,000 units and enjoyed airplay on New York City’s radio station Hot 97 for 13 weeks. His career went even further by touring the US, England, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and Trinidad. He was featured on the MTV circuit tour and hosted an episode of “Sucker Free Sunday.” Despite the success in the secular media, David Veira decided to leave it all behind to follow his calling in Christ. Several tragedies in his life, including the loss of his beloved mother, cemented the call on his life; propelling him to use his life experiences to create his music and hone his ability to identify with others. As a Christian Hip Hop artist, he has shared the stage with fellow Christian artists such Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Viki Winans, Hezekiah Walker, and Byron Cage. Most impressive of all is his uncanny ability to relate to the streets, launching him into a very active street ministry.

David “Gauge” Veira under his philanthropic music label Mental Link, Inc. has produced two albums and several music videos since its inception. The first album titled “December Thirty First Nineteen Ninety-Nine” which tells the story of his life before salvation, and his second album titled “January First 2000 (The next day)” tells the story of his life after his re-birth in Christ to present. The album features the production and vocals of many talented artists including Grammy award winner RockWilder and Pettidee. “January First 2000 (The next day)” won the prestigious Kingdom Choice award for 2010 album of the year; and the video titled “Best Friend”, won both the Kingdom Choice award for best rap video of the year and the San Diego film festival award for best Christian rap video of the year.

David’s talents have opened doors for him to perform at many events such as; “A Prayer for Hip Hop”, Urban League of Southern Connecticut, Al Sharpton’s “Sharp Talk”, and WLIB’s Holy Hip-Hop Show at Love Fellowship Tabernacle. However, it is his love for Christ that keeps him grounded. Don’t be fooled by the “Christian” in this Hip-Hop artist, he does not limit his craft to the four walls of the church. He gauge’s every situation by performing in Public schools, Correctional facilities, Youth Centers, Clubs, Bars, Nursing Homes, Parks, and many other types of places. He truly goes beyond age, race, religious denomination and affiliation, and musical preference to spread the message of the gospel and the vision in his heart. What is most impressive is that people receive it with open arms.

Gauge is currently working on his third project, which is true to his character, is full of life lessons.

David “Gauge” Veira’s music can be purchased at these fine retailers: iTunes, AMAZON, RHAPSODY, SNOCAP, NAPSTER, and CDBABY. FOR RINGTONES & WALLPAPER: WWW.THUMBPLAY.COM.



Fred Lynch

Fred Lynch is a dynamic communicator whose heart’s desire is to make the sacred positively contagious! At the age of 18 he founded P.I.D. (Preachers in Disguise) one of the first gospel rap acts and went on to record 6 albums.

Fred is the author of The Script (an artistic translation of the Gospel of John in rap), What’s a Fo’ Sheezy? (e-book on slang with discussion Q&A), and The Real (New Testament in Biblezene form).

Fred travels nationally as a Speaker/Performer/Trainer dedicated to making schools safer, more connected places where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect; and where learning and teaching are awakened to their fullest!

Darius West

Darius West, the owner of Ergon Entertainment, LLC, has a tremendous passion for ministry and entertainment for the millennial generation to help guide them into understanding the importance of having a vision in order to grasp the purpose and destiny for their lives. His charisma and dynamic teaching gift captivates audiences as he speaks about the relevance of the Kingdom of God for this generation. Due to the call upon his life, God has given him the ability to connect and network with key individuals in the entertainment industry to further the gospel of the Kingdom through his life of integrity and collective body of
work. His company has produced the first mainstream distributed Christian Hip Hop Documentary being released in the winter of 2021 by Warner Music Group — MIC DROP: The Culture of Christian Hip Hop.

This film chronicles the history and culture of Christian Hip Hop in the 1980s/1990s and how it has affected the culture of today’s millennial Christian Hip Hop movement. The foundational word that he carries with him as a reminder of his call to the millennial generation is for them to “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come. And the years draw near when you say, ‘I have no pleasure in them’” (Ecclesiastes 12:1). He has lived this passage as a young man in ministry and entertainment, which placed him on some of the largest platforms in the Christian music industry as a dancer/choreographer for Carman, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and Tonex. So, he understands what it takes to get a vision from God as a young person in order to seek after the purpose and destiny for his life.
Darius, his wife, and his two daughters live in Los Angeles, CA.

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