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Audio Leak: BandOfBrothas “Eye Gate Hustla” ft. Rio aka KuntryBoyy

Band_of_Brothas=200Artist Name: BandOfBrothas
Song Title: Eye Gate Hustla feat. Rio aka KuntryBoyy
Audio Leak

Produced by: Rio aka KuntryBoyy for KuntryBoyy Production/Christ Like Records
Album: Believe
Release Date: In Stores, Buy Now.
Brief Summary:  After linking up with Rio aka KuntryBoyy on the production tip in mid 2008, Eye Gate Hustla was created originally to be a single on Rio aka KuntryBoyy’s debut album. Christ Like Records couldn’t wait and decided to put it on BandOfBrothas album as one of their singles. Lack of internet promotion has had BandOfBrothas debute album “Believe” slept on over the web, but nevertheless here it is yall. From the ever so needed message to the creative lyricsim to the bangin’ production, this is a track your sure to love.  Buy Rio “A Different World” and get Band of Brothas for $2.99 with discount code: RIOBAND, Buy Now.



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