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Rebel_Planet_Ent=200October 21, 2009. Atlanta/Chicago. The Rebel Planet and Light Media have aligned, via a comprehensive Strategic Acquisition and Alliance agreement. The terms of the Agreement provide generally that: (1) The Rebel Planet will become an independent operating subsidiary of Light Media; (2) Light Media will serve as the exclusive distribution and marketing partner of The Rebel Planet Video-Game Series, with (3) EMI Christian Music Group (CMG) positioned as strategic partner managing Christian and General Market retail sales.

The Rebel Planet is a leading developer of video-games that are highly creative, original and fun, targeting the faith and family market segment for quality, uplifting entertainment. Nearly 75% of all house-holds enjoy video-games; and in 2008 video-games ranked in the top tier for sources of home entertainment generating $7 Billion in revenues. Light Media leverages the power of internet, audio, video, print and special events platforms, combined with technology and distribution in order to achieve value-added synergy.

The first video-game to be globally distributed via this alliance is: Axys: TruthSeeker; to view video-game trailer, click here: Truth Seeker. This will be followed up by Orion, to view video-game trailer, click here: Orion. The mission and premise of the partnership between Light Media and The Rebel Planet is to spread the Good News, by effectively and creatively leveraging the combined power of spiritually-riveting Christian music and video-games together on one common platform so that the personal and family entertainment gaming and/or music enjoyment experience is enhanced/enlightened, as music and video-games are powerful and relevant in their ability to impact youth, children, young adults, adults and the community.

About The Rebel Planet: Rebel Planet Creations was formed in early 2005 for the purpose of producing fantasy novels and role-playing computer games that are highly creative, original and fun, but that also communicate the central spiritual themes of the Christian faith. For more information, please visit:

About EMI CMG: Billboard Magazine’s annual Top Christian Music Distributor since 1995, EMI CMG Distribution was founded in 1994 to serve as the main distribution outlet for EMI CMG’s owned and distributed labels to the US Christian and general retail marketplace, and the international Christian marketplace. Awards given to EMI CMG Distribution include CBA Supplier of the Year 1998, 1999 & 2002, CBA Customer Service & Distribution Award 1998-2002 and CBA Impact Award 1998 & 1999. EMI CMG Distribution is a division of EMI CMG, which is a unit of EMI Music. EMI Music is the third largest recorded music company in the world operating directly in 50 countries. EMI Music represents more than 1,000 artists spanning all musical tastes and genres. For more information, please visit:

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