Navigating Theological Differences in Hip Hop and Christian Communities

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Church on the Block. CHH artists and emcees Thre and DarylfromChicago return to continue their conversation on the challenges faced in the Christian Hip Hop and Hip Hop communities. Whether it’s theological beliefs, artistic styles, or collaboration, how do we overcome the things that separate us and work towards unity in our communities?

The Pursuit of Being Right vs. Being Righteous

Understanding the Difference

One of the central themes discussed was the distinction between being right and being righteous. Pastor Phil, Thre, and DarylfromChicago emphasized the importance of approaching conversations with humility and grace. The goal should be to seek transformation in others’ lives rather than simply proving a point.

Actionable Advice:

  • Approach with Humility: When engaging in theological discussions, prioritize understanding and empathy over winning an argument.
  • Seek Transformation: Focus on how your words and actions can positively impact others’ lives and lead them towards personal growth and faith.

The Role of Biblical Literacy

Thre shared his personal experience of being taught false doctrine and the struggle to live righteously as a result. This highlights the need for a clear understanding of the Bible and the importance of seeking transformation through the word.

Actionable Advice:

  • Invest in Biblical Education: Regularly study the Bible and seek resources that offer sound theological teachings.
  • Encourage Expository Preaching: Support and attend churches that prioritize expository preaching to gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures.
Thre with Pastor Phil and Dee-1 (hip hop)
Pastor Phil, Thre and Dee-1

The Art of Expressing Deep Themes Through Music

Daryl shared the inspiration behind his song “No Hero,” which reflects the perspective of individuals who feel undeserving of grace. This underscores the challenge and importance of conveying profound concepts through music in a way that resonates with listeners.

Conveying Profound Concepts

Actionable Advice:

  • Be Authentic: Share personal stories and struggles in your music to create a genuine connection with your audience.
  • Focus on Relatability: Write lyrics that reflect common human experiences and emotions to make your message more accessible.

Impacting Listeners

Actionable Advice:

  • Use Music as a Tool for Reflection: Create songs that prompt listeners to reevaluate their faith and understanding of God.
  • Incorporate Biblical Themes: Weave scriptural references and themes into your music to provide a deeper spiritual context.
DarylfromChicago and Derek Minor (hip hop)
DarylfromChicago and Derek Minor

The Importance of Unity and Love

Listening and Respecting Others’ Beliefs

The gentlemen emphasized the need to listen to and respect others’ beliefs, focusing on the love of Jesus and approaching conversations with compassion and understanding.

Actionable Advice:

  • Practice Active Listening: Make a conscious effort to understand others’ perspectives without immediately judging or dismissing them.
  • Show Compassion: Approach every conversation with a heart full of love and empathy, reflecting the love of Christ.

Working Together for the Greater Good

The discussion highlighted the significance of setting aside differences and prioritizing unity for the greater good. Pastor Phil shared a personal story about helping a family push their car out of a difficult situation, illustrating how unity and commitment can overcome challenges.

Actionable Advice:

  • Find Common Ground: Identify shared goals and values that can unite you with others, even if there are theological differences.
  • Collaborate Actively: Engage in joint projects and initiatives that promote unity and serve the community.
DarylfromChicago and K-Dram (hip hop)
DarylfromChicago and K-Drama

Grounding in Faith and Mobilizing the Church

The gentlemen stressed the importance of being grounded in faith and finding common ground with others to mobilize the church and come together for the greater mission of making disciples and saving souls.

Mobilizing the Church

Actionable Advice:

  • Encourage Community Involvement: Foster a culture of active participation in church and community activities.
  • Promote Unity in Diversity: Celebrate the diversity within the church while focusing on the common mission of spreading the gospel.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Actionable Advice:

  • Lead by Example: Demonstrate unity and love in your actions to inspire others to follow suit.
  • Focus on the Greater Mission: Keep the ultimate goal of making disciples and saving souls at the forefront of all efforts.
Thre with KRS-One
Thre with KRS-One


The conversation between Pastor Phil, Thre, and DarylfromChicago offers profound insights into the complexities of faith, righteousness, and transformation within the hip hop and Christian hip hop communities. By focusing on humility, biblical literacy, authentic expression through music, and unity grounded in love, artists and believers can make a meaningful impact on their communities and beyond. Embrace these actionable tips to navigate the challenges and conflicts in your journey of faith and artistic expression.

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Theological Differences (00:03:10) Discussion about secondary and tertiary theological issues causing division among artists and creating clicks.

Collaboration and Division (00:04:59) Exploring how secondary issues and musical style create barriers to collaboration among artists, leading to division.

Hip Hop Beef and Collaboration (00:08:05) Highlighting the nuances of conflicts in Christian hip hop, including skillset clashes and the motives behind collaboration.

Professionalism and Validation (00:10:17) Emphasizing the importance of professionalism, validation, and excellence in music production within the Christian hip hop community.

Unity and Sound Doctrine (00:15:23) Discussing the need for unity and a focus on core beliefs over theological differences in the Christian hip hop community.

The pursuit of being right (00:17:28) Discussion on the pursuit of being right or righteous, and the challenges in American culture.

Theological boundaries (00:19:03) The importance of drawing theological boundaries and seeking transformation rather than just being right.

Christian love and judgment (00:21:23) Exploring the concept of Christian love, judgment, and the importance of the heart behind theological discussions.

Biblical literacy and living righteously (00:27:08) The relationship between biblical literacy, living righteously, and the impact of false doctrine.

Giving God the glory (00:31:14) The significance of giving God the glory in life and music, and its impact on others.

No Hero song (00:33:02) An explanation of the song “No Hero” and its perspective on grace and redemption.

Artistic expression and faith (00:34:04) Challenges and insights in expressing faith and grace through artistic endeavors.

Unity and Diversity (00:35:29) Discussion about unity in a diverse setting, emphasizing the importance of love and understanding.

Challenges of Unity (00:37:17) Exploring the theological and practical challenges of maintaining unity in diverse beliefs and perspectives.

The Role of Love (00:38:16) Emphasis on the importance of love and respect in fostering unity and understanding in diverse communities.

The Great Commission (00:41:58) Discussion on the importance of love and compassion in fulfilling the mission of making disciples and spreading the gospel.

The Power of Unity (00:44:04) Highlighting the potential impact of unified efforts in serving and spreading the message of Christ.

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