The 116 Life Ep. 76: The Other Side of Change with Joe Malone

In this latest installment of The 116 Life, Meah Evans welcomed Joe Malone, to discuss his journey in the music industry, personal growth, and the complexities of living out his faith.

Joe Malone 116 Life Ep 76

Introduction to Joe Malone and His Journey

Joe Malone, the marketing operations director at Reach Records, shared his transformative journey from a finance career to a pivotal role in the music industry. His story is one of personal development, faith, and the pursuit of passion. Here are the key takeaways from his conversation with Meah:

1. Embracing Personal Growth and Development

Joe Malone reflected on his 27th year of life, emphasizing the importance of personal development and self-discovery. He shared his experiences of traveling, gaining confidence in his skills, and stepping out of his comfort zone.

Actionable Advice:

  • Travel and Explore: Traveling can provide new perspectives and help you grow personally and professionally. It allows you to experience different cultures and environments, which can be enriching and eye-opening.
  • Build Confidence: Confidence in your skills and talents is crucial. Take on new challenges and push yourself to improve continuously.
  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Growth often happens outside of your comfort zone. Embrace new experiences and opportunities, even if they seem daunting at first.

2. The Role of Passion in Career Choices

Joe Malone’s transition from a potential career in finance to marketing at Reach Records was driven by his passion for music and the mission of the company. He discussed how his love for music and the desire to make a meaningful impact led him to pursue a career in the music industry.

Actionable Advice:

  • Follow Your Passion: Identify what you are passionate about and find ways to incorporate it into your career. Passion can be a powerful motivator and can lead to greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Align with a Mission: Working for a company or organization that aligns with your values and mission can provide a sense of purpose and drive.
116 Life Ep 76 Meah Evans and Joe Malone

3. Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Change

Joe Malone shared his experiences of moving to a new city, finding a place to live, and fitting into a new environment. He admitted to feeling nervous about being accepted and trying to fit in through his fashion choices and other means.

Actionable Advice:

  • Adaptability: Be open to change and willing to adapt to new environments. This flexibility can help you navigate challenges and make the most of new opportunities.
  • Seek Support: Surround yourself with supportive people who can help you through transitions and challenges. Building a network of friends and colleagues can provide valuable support and encouragement.
  • Be Authentic: While it’s natural to want to fit in, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Authenticity can help you build genuine connections and find your place in a new environment.

4. The Importance of Creativity in Marketing

Joe Malone emphasized the role of creativity in marketing, particularly in capturing people’s attention and presenting meaningful content. He shared his experiences working on various projects at Reach Records, including the production of the “God Made a Way” remix video and the establishment of a gaming community.

Actionable Advice:

  • Harness Creativity: Use creativity to develop engaging and impactful marketing campaigns. Think outside the box and find innovative ways to connect with your audience.
  • Meaningful Content: Focus on creating content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your mission. Meaningful content can build stronger connections and drive engagement.
  • Leverage New Platforms: Explore new platforms and communities to reach a broader audience. For example, establishing a gaming community can be an effective way to engage with a younger demographic.

5. Navigating Faith and Complexity

Joe Malone discussed his evolving perspective on Christianity and the complexities of living out his faith. He emphasized the importance of being open to new perspectives and embracing the complexities of faith, rather than simply following a set of prescribed behaviors.

Actionable Advice:

  • Embrace Complexity: Understand that faith and life are complex and multifaceted. Be open to new perspectives and willing to explore different aspects of your beliefs.
  • Genuine Faith: Focus on living out your faith in a genuine and meaningful way, rather than simply adhering to rules and traditions. Authenticity in your faith can lead to deeper connections and a more fulfilling spiritual journey.
  • Serve Others: Emphasize the importance of serving others and making a positive impact. Acts of service can be a powerful expression of faith and can bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
116 Life Ep 76 Meah Evans

116 Life: Conclusion

Joe Malone’s journey offers valuable insights into personal and professional growth, the importance of passion, overcoming challenges, the role of creativity in marketing, and navigating faith and complexity. His story is a testament to the power of following your passion, embracing change, and living out your faith in a genuine and meaningful way.

By applying the actionable advice and insights from Joe Malone’s experiences, you can navigate your own journey with confidence, creativity, and authenticity. Whether you’re pursuing a career in the music industry or any other field, these principles can guide you towards personal and professional fulfillment.

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The goat in the office (00:00:00) Meah Evans expresses gratitude for a colleague’s act of kindness and discusses her low energy.

Welcoming Jo Malone (00:00:50) Meah Evans introduces Joe Malone as a guest and they discuss his role at Reach Records.

Joe Malone’s birthday celebration (00:01:19) Joe Malone shares details about his low-key birthday celebration and reflects on turning 28.

Year 27 takeaways (00:02:25) Joe Malone discusses the personal growth and experiences from his 27th year.

Getting into golf (00:03:27) Joe Malone talks about his interest in golf and how he got back into the sport.

What Joe Malone loves about golf (00:04:38) Joe Malone shares his appreciation for the environment, social aspects, and cultural evolution of golf.

Joe Malone’s journey to marketing (00:05:36) Jo Malone discusses his career progression and transition into marketing at Reach Records.

Unexpected career path (00:07:06) Joe Malone shares his unexpected journey into marketing and the music industry.

First 116 song (00:08:29) Joe Malone recalls the first 116 song that resonated with him and his introduction to Christian rap.

Transition from finance to music (00:09:34) Joe Malone discusses his shift from pursuing a career in finance to finding purpose in marketing and music.

Early stages of internship (00:13:30) Joe Malone shares his initial experiences and challenges during the early stages of his internship at Reach Records.

Childhood upbringing (00:16:20) Joe Malone reflects on his childhood, family, and involvement in church and music.

Leaving comfort zone (00:20:50) Joe Malone discusses the tension and nervousness of leaving his comfort zone and embracing new experiences in Atlanta.

The transformative years (00:22:45) Joe Malone discusses the transformative years of her life and the growth in her relationship with God after moving to Reach Records.

Challenges in faith (00:23:31) Joe reflects on the challenges and growth in her faith, highlighting the shift from following rules to truly following Jesus.

Discovering the complexities of faith (00:25:14) Joe explains how her understanding of faith evolved, realizing that it involves more than just following rules and attending church.

Impact of being at Reach (00:26:28) Meah Evans discusses the commendable six-year tenure of Joe at Reach Records and the impact of her work as the marketing ops director.

Creating 116 Life (00:30:34) Joe shares the origins of the 116 Live podcast and its evolution into a radio show on Sirius XM, highlighting the collaborative effort.

Behind the scenes of 116 Live (00:32:42) Meah Evans expresses gratitude for Joe’s contributions to 116 Live and discuss the impact of her insights and perspective.

Favorite projects at Reach (00:35:05) Joe Malone reflects on his favorite projects at Reach, including the production of the “God Made a Way” remix video and the creation of a gaming community.

Marketing and creativity (00:38:08) Joe discusses the intersection of marketing and creativity, emphasizing the importance of capturing attention through creativity.

The joy of working at Reach (00:40:14) Joe shares the rewarding aspects of working at Reach, emphasizing the impact of the people and the mission-driven culture.

Embracing complexity and growth (00:42:36) Joe reflects on personal growth, embracing complexity, and learning to serve and grow alongside others at Reach Records.

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