DNA, Black Church and Atlanta Rhyme Spitta Czar Josh

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Da Fixx family. Special guest, Czar Josh, an Atlanta-based rapper whose faith journey is as compelling as his music join DJ Focus and Dice Gamble for a candid conversation on faith, poverty and the healing power of music. And our hosts have a real talk discussion about the impact of DNA testing. From finding your roots to paternity tests, they’re exploring why people are lining up to get a DNA text and how the results impact our lives. Let’s get to it!

Embracing Authentic Faith: A Journey of Spiritual Growth

Growing up in traditional black churches in Georgia, Czar Josh grappled with understanding the true heart of faith beyond the rituals he was accustomed to. His struggle is one that many of us can relate to—the process of deconstructing traditional religious beliefs to establish a more personal and authentic relationship with God.

Focus and Dice, share their support for Czar Josh, acknowledging the importance of questioning and relearning what faith means to us individually. They also talked about the significance of distinguishing between religious practice and genuine spiritual growth. It’s a journey that isn’t always easy, but it’s undoubtedly rewarding, leading to a deeper and more meaningful connection with the divine.

The Impact of DNA Testing: A Look into Our Ancestry

Another topic that sparked a fascinating conversation was the role of DNA testing in our lives. The emotional and mental impact of uncovering one’s genetic heritage cannot be overstated. Focus and Dice expressed a keen interest in exploring their bloodlines, while Dice shared her personal experience with DNA testing and the profound insights it provided about her ancestry.

Understanding where we come from can dramatically change our perception of family history and the struggles our ancestors faced. However, DNA testing can also reveal unexpected and sometimes unsettling truths, like the discovery that a child may not be biologically related to the person who has been raising them. Our hosts discuss the emotional toll of such revelations and the importance of mental and emotional support for those affected.

The Legal and Personal Implications of DNA Testing

The conversation naturally led us to the legal implications of DNA testing, particularly in child custody cases. The potential consequences of these discoveries are far-reaching, affecting not just individuals but entire families. We shared real-life examples and discussed the impact on the mental well-being of all parties involved.

Addressing Promiscuity and Its Consequences

The discussion also touched on the issue of promiscuity and its potential consequences, such as increased abortion rates. Our hosts emphasized the importance of responsible behavior, protection, and accountability in relationships. It’s a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed with honesty and compassion.

Honoring Legacies: Martin Luther King Jr. and DJ Tony Tone

In the spirit of reflection and recognition, we paid tribute to the enduring legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., whose contributions to civil rights and equality continue to inspire generations. Focus and Dice also acknowledged the retirement of DJ Tony Tone, a pillar in the Christian hip-hop community, underscoring the need for continued support for faith-based content and artists.

A Commitment to Positive Change

Throughout the episode, our hosts reaffirmed their commitment to promoting positive values and encouraging our listeners to make impactful changes in their lives. Whether it’s through exploring spiritual beliefs, understanding their heritage, or advocating for responsible behavior, their goal is to foster a community that supports growth, understanding, and positive transformation.

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Introduction (00:00:00) Introducing the radio show and setting the tone.

MLK Day (00:01:29) Discussion about Martin Luther King Jr. Day and his impact on America.

Guest Introduction 00:03:48) Introduction of the special guest, Czar Josh, and discussion about his influence in the music industry.

National Bagel Day (00:04:59) Discussion about National Bagel Day and the significance of bagels.

Download the App (00:10:53) Promotion of the Holy Culture app and website.

Spiritual Detox (00:14:42) Introduction of the spiritual detox segment with guest Czar Josh discussing his faith journey.

Faith Journey (00:16:26) Further discussion about Czar Josh’s faith journey and the challenges he faced.

Religion vs Relationship (00:18:00) Continuation of the discussion about the challenges of transitioning from religious traditions to a more personal faith experience.

Family Support (00:19:01) Discussion about family support for Christian hip hop and personal experiences.

Catering to Specific Audience (00:20:02) Catering music to those who can relate to being black and young in the South.

Growing Up Poor (00:21:13) Sharing experiences of growing up in poverty and its impact.

Creative Process (00:25:36) Explaining the creative process and inspiration for music creation.

Favorite Artists (00:27:22) Mentioning favorite artists and their influence.

Impact of Music (00:28:36) Discussing how music helped during a difficult period of depression.

Christian Hip Hop Sonically (00:30:58) Comparison of Christian hip hop with mainstream music sonically.

New Project “The In-Between” (00:32:39) Explaining the concept and inspiration behind the new music project.

Encouragement and Support (00:35:46) Receiving encouragement and support for his music and authenticity.

Healing Concept (00:37:24) Discussing the mission of creating a safe space for black Christians to heal through music.

Real Talk on The Fix (00:38:00) Discussion on the importance of real talk conversations and the need for healing and seeking help.

DNA Testing and Ancestry (00:39:11) Exploring the topic of DNA testing, ancestral origins, and the impact of discovering one’s heritage.

Personal Experiences with DNA Testing (00:40:31) Sharing personal experiences and stories related to DNA testing, family history, and hidden family secrets.

Understanding Ancestral Origins (00:43:38) Reflecting on the significance of understanding one’s ancestral origins and considering DNA testing for personal exploration.

Connection to Ancestral Heritage (00:47:47) Discussing the emotional and psychological impact of discovering one’s ancestral heritage through DNA testing.

Child Custody and DNA Testing (00:51:42) Exploring the implications of DNA testing in child custody cases and the emotional toll on individuals involved.

Impact of Misattributed Paternity (00:54:38) Discussing the emotional impact and challenges faced by individuals involved in cases of misattributed paternity revealed through DNA testing.

DNA Testing and Paternity Issues (00:55:36) Discussion about the importance of DNA testing for paternity and the impact on children and families.

Responsible Parenthood and Genetic Considerations (00:57:10) Encouragement for young parents to seek DNA testing, and the potential impact of genetic compatibility on health.

The Impact of Multiple Partners and Abortion (00:59:31) Concerns about promiscuity, multiple partners, and the increasing number of abortions, with a focus on responsibility and protection.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day (01:02:08) Acknowledgment of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and the significance of his legacy, with a call for reflection and a reminder of his contributions.

Mental Health and Empowerment (01:05:12) Exploration of mental health struggles, resilience, and the power of faith, with a focus on seeking help and resources.

Support for Christian Hip Hop and Faith-Based DJs (01:10:41) Encouragement for support and recognition of faith-based artists, DJs, and events, with a call for equal energy and financial support for Christian artists.

Advertisement and Listener Support (01:14:03) The importance of listener support and the financial aspects of running a show.

Acknowledgment of DJ Tony Tony (01:14:53) The hosts express gratitude and support for DJ Tony Tone’s work on a secular mainstream platform.

Confidence in Future Success (01:16:12) The hosts express confidence in their future success and their intention to reach a wider audience.

Closing Remarks (01:17:19) The episode concludes with a message of encouragement and a preview of the next day’s topic.