The 2022 Stellar Awards: Earnest Pugh Sets the Record Straight on His Controversial Comments

We’ve got another can’t miss episode for you! The legendary Gospel Earnest Pugh joins Da Fixx to set the record straight on his controversial statements about Gospel Hip Hop and the 2022 Stellar Awards. Check out these highlights and make some time to listen to full conversation.

The Symphony of Health: Understanding Our Bodies as Temples

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble kick off the discussion with a profound reminder of the sanctity of our bodies. We are the caretakers of these vessels that carry us through life, and it’s our duty to honor and care for them. Like it says in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and we must respect them as such. Not only is this a spiritual concept; it’s a practical guide to living a healthy life.

In 2021, heart disease claimed over 695,000 lives in the United States alone. The culprits? Poor diet, lack of exercise, and unhealthy habits like smoking. It’s a wake-up call for all of us family, regardless of race or background, to take action against these preventable causes of death. We must be vigilant about what we consume and how we treat our bodies, for they are not truly ours—they are gifts from God.

The Gospel of Fitness: DJ Focus’s Testimony

On a personal note, DJ Focus set a goal to improve his physical fitness, not just for aesthetic reasons, but as an act of worship. It’s about seeing the results of hard work and dedication and giving thanks for the strength and health he’s been blessed with. He admits it’s frustrating to see others take shortcuts to physical fitness, but he is focused on a path that honors his faith and the temple he’s been entrusted with.

Gospel Music and Christian Hip Hop Together at the Stellar Awards

Now on to the main event, the spiritual detox segment with Gospel icon Earnest Pugh. The discussion centered around the state of gospel music and Christian hip hop and their potential to uplift and unite. Pugh also shared his insights on the 38th annual Stellar Awards and the representation of Christian hip hop at the event. He believes these genres can work together to spread positivity and the good news, especially in challenging times.

Emphasizing the importance of unity and inclusivity within the music industry Pugh acknowledged the impact of hip hop in reaching diverse audiences, including the youth, and stressed the need for innovation and openness to different musical styles.

The Evolution of Church Music: Bridging Generations

They also touched on the changing landscape of church music, noting the inclusion of hip hop and contemporary styles in services for youth and young adults. While resistance still exists among older churchgoers, nevertheless we must find ways to reach the younger generation and that means embracing new musical expressions.

Earnest reflected on the journey of CHH pioneers like DC Talk and the obstacles they faced in traditional church settings. He highlighted the importance of high-quality production in Christian hip hop, pointing out that ministry-driven entertainment will reach and resonate with a broader audience.

Upcoming Ventures and the Power of Resilience

Earnest shared his excitement for his upcoming projects, including a movie soundtrack and a clothing line. His passion for these ventures is a testament to the resilience and perseverance required in his line of work.

A Prayer for the Journey Ahead

As Focus and Dice wrapped up the episode, they offered a prayer for those seeking a relationship with God, underlining the simplicity of accepting Jesus into one’s heart. If you are a new believer, you are welcome to reach out and share your experiences with us. The path of faith is a lifestyle, not a fleeting moment, so stay connected and let’s lift each other up.

Da Fixx Is In: A Call to Action

In every episode of Da Fixx, our hosts aim to create a safe space for real talk and genuine connection. Remember it’s important to care of our temples, both physical and spiritual, and the power of music to heal and unite. Join us on this journey of self-improvement, artistic support, and spiritual growth.

It’s not just about the music or the message—it’s about the lifestyle we choose to live. Let’s honor our bodies, nurture our faith, and support each other in our creative pursuits. Together, we can make a difference in our communities and in our own lives.

If our content and station have blessed you and you’d like to support our work, you can make a donation or shop our online store. Thank you for tuning in, and until next time, stay focused and stay blessed.

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Da Fixx Ep. 230 Ernest Pugh alt pic 1 serving for non-profit
Ernest Pugh serving at his non-profit Veterans Emergency Services

Da Fixx Introduction (00:00:00) Introduction to the radio show “The Fix” and the hosts’ banter about tuning in and the impact of hip hop culture.

Winning Wednesday (00:01:25) The hosts talk about the significance of the day, express gratitude, and encourage listeners to share the love of Christ.

Importance of Health (00:08:20) The hosts discuss the importance of taking care of one’s body and its connection to spiritual well-being.

News in 90 (00:10:38) Dice Gamble presents news updates on planting seedlings, the future of physical media at Best Buy, and the American Grid Association.

Oysters Day (00:14:16) Dice Gamble discusses the history and health benefits of oysters and encourages celebrating National Oyster Day.

Closing Remarks (00:16:45) The hosts continue discussing oysters and their personal preferences, concluding the segment with banter.

Spiritual Detox with Earnest Pugh (00:17:43) Discussion about gospel music, Christian hip hop, and the intersection of the two genres.

Earnest Pugh’s Impact and Music (00:18:43) Recognition of Ernest Pugh’s contributions to gospel music and his influence on the hosts.

Feedback on Stellar Awards (00:20:26) Earnest Pugh’s thoughts on the 38th annual Stellar Awards and the representation of Christian hip hop.

The Future of Gospel Music and Christian Hip Hop (00:21:17) Earnest Pugh’s views on the future and the potential of gospel music and Christian hip hop.

Challenges and Opportunities for Christian Hip Hop (00:23:07) Earnest Pugh’s perspective on the challenges and opportunities for Christian hip hop within the gospel music industry.

Influence of Hip Hop in Gospel Music (00:27:15) The impact of hip hop on the gospel music industry and its potential to reach diverse audiences.

Christian Hip Hop’s Contribution to Worship Experience (00:31:08) Discussion on how Christian hip hop can contribute to spiritual growth and the worship experience for listeners.

The Church’s Innovation with Hip Hop (00:34:42) Exploration of the church’s reservation and innovation in incorporating hip hop and diverse music genres.

The young adult and youth influence (00:34:51) Discussion on the changing dynamics of church services to accommodate the younger generation and the shift towards contemporary hip hop and R&B.

Elders’ reluctance to embrace Christian hip hop (00:37:15) Exploration of why some older church members may be hesitant to accept Christian hip hop due to negative connotations associated with hip hop in general.

Effectiveness of Christian hip hop (00:39:16) Recognition of the positive impact and effectiveness of Christian hip hop in reaching and transforming the lives of the younger generation.

State of gospel music and Christian hip hop (00:41:51) Conversation about the intertwining of gospel music and Christian hip hop, referencing the history and reception of gospel hip hop artists.

Quality and marketing of Christian hip hop (00:45:02) Discussion on the importance of the quality and presentation of Christian hip hop to appeal to a broader audience and market effectively.

Earnest Pugh’s upcoming projects (00:48:14) Insight into Earnest Pugh’s current and upcoming projects, including a movie soundtrack, new music releases, and a clothing line.

Salvation prayer and invitation to accept Jesus (00:49:14) A segment where the hosts lead a prayer for salvation and extend an invitation to accept Jesus into one’s life.

Protect Your Temple (00:51:56) The importance of taking care of one’s body and the biblical perspective on the body as a temple.

Obedience and Lifestyle (00:52:37) Discussion about obedience, lifestyle changes, and the biblical reference to honoring God with one’s body.

Heart Disease and Health (00:53:08) The prevalence of heart disease, factors contributing to it, and the need for a healthier lifestyle.

Stress Management (00:58:31) Understanding stress management, overeating due to stress, and the impact of stress on the body.

Cortisol and Stress (01:00:32) The effects of cortisol on the body due to stress, and the importance of managing stress for overall health.

Depression and Anxiety (01:02:56) Exploring the themes of depression and anxiety through the analysis of song lyrics and mental health statistics.

Cancer and Lifestyle (01:06:37) The impact of lifestyle choices on cancer rates, cultural attitudes towards healthy eating, and the healing capacity of the body.

Taking Care of the Body (01:09:37) Emphasizing the body’s natural healing abilities and the importance of aligning lifestyle choices with God’s design for health.

Physical transformation and self-love (01:11:28) Discussion on personal health journey, body transformation, and self-appreciation.

Authenticity in fitness (01:13:51) Encouragement for genuine fitness efforts and discouragement of cheating through cosmetic surgeries.

Encouragement for self-improvement (01:17:12) Motivational talk about staying focused, trusting the process, and encouraging oneself for personal growth.

Recognition for Christian hip hop (01:19:35) Advocacy for Christian hip hop’s recognition in the gospel genre and unity among gospel artists.

New Year’s resolutions and spiritual detox (01:22:20) Announcement of discussing New Year’s resolutions and spiritual detox, with a guest joining the show the next day.