Exploring the Impact of Gun Violence and Hip Hop on Communities with Terry Carney

Hey family! Welcome to this special episode of Da Fixx where DJ Focus had the privilege of engaging in a profound conversation with Terry Carney Sr., the visionary director behind the impactful film “Put the Guns Down: The World Epidemic.” Listen as Terry sheds light on the pervasive issue of gun violence but also explored the influence of hip hop music and the critical role of faith in healing our communities.

The Making of “Put the Guns Down: The World Epidemic”:

Terry Carney’s journey in creating this film is nothing short of inspiring. As they delved into his work, Terry opened up about the challenges he faced while bringing the stark realities of gun violence to the screen. His dedication to making a positive change in neighborhoods plagued by this epidemic is a testament to his character and commitment.

The Role of Faith Leaders in Healing:

One of the most striking aspects of Terry’s film is the involvement of local pastors. The spiritual leaders play a pivotal role in addressing the mental health and healing of those affected by violence. Terry emphasized the importance of faith-based components in fostering resilience and providing solace to communities in distress.

Connecting with the Film and Its Message:

During the conversation, Terry shared valuable information on how listeners can follow and connect with him and his film company on social media platforms. It’s crucial for stories like these to reach a wider audience, and social media serves as a powerful tool in promoting such important messages.

Accountability and Resisting Temptation:

In their real talk segment, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discussed personal accountability and the concept of spiritual warfare. They talked about the importance of believers taking proactive steps in their lives, rather than attributing all challenges to external forces like the devil. It’s about recognizing the power of free will and our ability to control temptation.

Challenging Superstitions and Fear-Based Beliefs:

Dice Gamble shared a poignant experience from a mission trip to Haiti, which highlighted the need to confront superstitions and fears. She urged believers to stand firm in their faith, resist the influence of fear, and not be swayed by misinformation.

The Importance of Discernment:

Our hosts also touched on the necessity for believers to be discerning. It’s easy to fall into the trap of spreading rumors or making assumptions without seeking the truth. They stressed the importance of addressing concerns directly and not succumbing to negative thoughts or suspicions.

I hope this blog post has captured the essence of their enlightening discussion. If you’re moved by the topics we’ve explored, we invite you to listen to the full podcast episode and join the conversation. Together, we can make a difference in our communities and beyond.

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DJ Focus (00:00:02) Introduction to the show, featuring music and a focus on making music.

Tip Toe Tuesday (00:01:30) Discussion about starting the day and the concept of “tip toe praise.”

Marriage and Spirituality (00:02:40) Discussion about marriage, spirituality, and the importance of honoring the commitment.

Relationship Boundaries (00:07:07) Emphasizing the importance of maintaining boundaries in relationships and avoiding interference in marriages.

Community and Gun Violence (00:12:31) Conversation about gun violence, community involvement, and the need to protect children in the neighborhood.

Accountability and Spiritual Detox (00:11:16) Discussion about personal accountability and the impact of habits on blaming the devil for one’s actions.

National Frozen Yogurt Day (00:16:49) Celebration of National Frozen Yogurt Day, with information about the history and benefits of frozen yogurt.

Spiritual Detox Interview (00:18:19) Discussion about gun violence, mental health, and the impact of a forthcoming interview with Terry Carney, director of “Put the Guns Down.”

Faith in Sports Report (00:19:34) Justin Adams discusses San Francisco 49ers’ Eric Armstead’s philanthropy and community work.

Introduction to “Put the Guns Down” (00:21:26) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble introduce the topic of gun violence, the impact of the film “Put the Guns Down,” and the upcoming interview with director Terry Carney.

Director Terry Carney’s Journey (00:22:34) Terry Carney discusses his journey into directing, the inspiration behind the film, and the involvement of community activists.

Community Solutions (00:25:01) Terry Carney discusses the film’s focus on historical gang members, community healing, and the development of solutions for urban areas.

Engaging Male Figures in the Community (00:30:41) Terry Carney talks about engaging male leaders and parents in the community and their involvement in the film.

Film’s Impact and Message (00:34:26) Terry Carney discusses the educational and impactful nature of the film, emphasizing its relevance to the Black community.

Engaging Educational Institutions (00:38:04) Terry Carney discusses plans to engage universities and high schools in showcasing the film and the importance of educating all age groups.

Impact of Hip Hop and Music (00:40:37) DJ Focus and Terry Carney discuss the importance and power of hip hop in raising awareness and telling real-life stories.

The impact of hip hop music (00:41:14) Discussion on the positive influence of hip hop music in providing an outlet for expression and creating opportunities for young individuals.

Engagement with local churches and pastors (00:46:46) Exploring the involvement of pastors in the film and the importance of a spiritual component in addressing mental health and healing.

Jay-Z’s speech at the Grammy Awards (00:51:28) Analysis of Jay-Z’s speech, including opinions on the award and potential influences behind his statements.

Taylor Swift’s record-breaking win (00:58:11) Recognition of Taylor Swift’s achievement in winning Album of the Year for four consecutive years and her strategic album promotion during the award show.

Real talk conversation on blaming the devil (01:00:17) A discussion challenging the practice of attributing personal actions and behaviors to the devil, emphasizing personal responsibility.

Leave early and take responsibility (01:01:03) Encouragement to plan ahead and take responsibility for one’s actions instead of blaming the devil.

Financial accountability (01:01:46) Discussion on taking responsibility for financial commitments and not blaming the devil for one’s own financial choices.

Understanding spiritual maturity (01:02:10) Personal growth and understanding the power of the devil in relation to personal choices.

Accountability and resisting temptation (01:03:53) The importance of holding oneself accountable and resisting temptation, rather than blaming the devil for personal actions.

The devil’s power (01:07:02) Discussion on the devil’s powerlessness and the need to resist temptation and take personal responsibility.

Challenging superstition and fear (01:11:33) Challenging superstitions and fear associated with attributing evil to natural objects.

Taking control and resisting temptation (01:13:58) Encouragement to take control of one’s actions and resist temptation rather than blaming the devil.

Seeking spiritual growth (01:15:38) Emphasis on seeking spiritual growth and not letting personal desires deceive one’s actions.

Health challenges and personal responsibility (01:16:21) Encouragement to take personal responsibility for health challenges and not solely blame the devil.

Promoting new music (01:17:19) Promotion of new music by Corinne Hawthorne and plans for future discussions with her.

The need for a better relationship (01:17:50) Encouragement to seek a better relationship with Jesus Christ and to leave toxic relationships.

Celebrating birthdays (01:19:04) Wishing happy birthday to various personalities, including Bob Marley and Babe Ruth.

Recommendation for a movie (01:21:06) Promoting the release of the movie “One Love” about Bob Marley and discussing other movie releases.

Discussion on clean comedy (01:22:18) Appreciating clean comedy and promoting family-friendly entertainment.

Biblical message and encouragement (01:23:08) A message about God’s strength and encouragement to seek refuge in Him.

Music appreciation and upcoming guest (01:24:50) Appreciating music and mentioning upcoming guest Caleb Gordon.

Rejecting blame on the devil (01:25:19) Encouraging personal accountability and rejecting blame on the devil for one’s actions.

Promotion of a film and community involvement (01:27:14) Promoting the film “Put the Guns Down” and advocating community involvement.

Discussion on gun violence and personal defense (01:28:05) Discussing gun violence, community safety, and personal defense strategies.

Support for Killer Mike and biblical reflection (01:31:04) Expressing support for Killer Mike and reflecting on the consequences of one’s actions.

Closing remarks (01:33:38) Encouraging positivity, faith, and kingdom advancement.