The 116 Life Ep. 63: Trusting in God’s Timing with Lee Vasi

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Reach Records The 116 Life, on Holy Culture Radio, Sirius XM Channel 140. This week, Meah Evans had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredibly talented musician and singer, Lee Vasi, to dive deep into her life and the melodies that define it. From God to Broadway, we examine some of Lee’s most impactful moments and how they shaped her faith.

Overcoming Adversity with Grace

Lee’s recent triumphs in the music industry are a testament to her unwavering spirit. Despite facing significant health challenges, she emerged stronger and more focused. Her story is one of resilience; a hiatus from music due to mental health concerns led to a period of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Lee’s journey back to her passion is a powerful reminder of the strength we find in vulnerability.

A Symphony of Early Beginnings

Lee’s artistic roots run deep, with her family’s influence introducing her to the world of music. Her early forays into theater and Broadway, particularly her audition for The Lion King, set the stage for a career that would blend her love for performance with her Christian upbringing. The support of her siblings and the shared bond over music became the harmony to her melody.

The Industry Through Her Eyes

The conversation takes us through the intricacies of Lee’s experiences in the music industry. From the unwavering support of her parents to the creative challenges posed by the pandemic, Lee’s narrative is rich with insight. Her song “Teach Me” epitomizes the essence of her art—vulnerability and love.

God and Spiritual Revelations

Lee’s transition from theater to her own artistry is marked by intensive vocal training and a commitment to authenticity. Her new music, especially the song “Your Will,” is an intimate reflection of her personal revelations. Her excitement for the year ahead is palpable, as is her journey through the Bible, which has deepened her understanding of Yahwehs’ nature.

In this interview, Lee Vasi’s story unfolds as a beautiful blend of personal growth, artistic commitment, and a faith that resonates through her music. Join me in celebrating her journey and the lessons we can all learn from her dedication to her craft.

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The introduction (00:00:00) Meah Evans introduces the show and shares a personal anecdote about overcoming illness to be present for the episode.

Lee Vasi’s music career (00:01:09) Meah Evans and Lee Vasi discuss her rapid rise in the music industry and the impact of her work on the audience.

Lee Vasi’s musical inspiration (00:02:38) Lee Vasi shares her spiritual journey and inspiration for returning to music after a hiatus.

Struggles with mental health and identity (00:03:55) Lee Vasi discusses her struggles with mental health and finding her identity outside of her career.

Reconnecting with music (00:05:47) Lee Vasi shares her spiritual journey and how she reconnected with music after a period of self-reflection.

Challenges and growth (00:06:36) Lee Vasi reflects on the challenges she faced and the growth she experienced during her hiatus from music.

Early start in music (00:08:11) Lee Vasi talks about her early exposure to music and performing, including her experience with Broadway shows.

Answering the call for music (00:12:43) Discusses on the decision to answer the call to pursue music and her spiritual journey in doing so.

Upbringing and faith (00:15:41) Lee Vasi shares insights into her upbringing, her family’s Christian background, and her personal faith journey.

Family and musical influence (00:17:13) Lee Voss discusses her family’s musical influence and the close bond she shares with her siblings.

Broadway experience (00:18:41) Reflecting on her audition and experience in the Broadway show “The Lion King.”

Being in the Industry at a Young Age (00:20:03) Discussion of experiences and pressures of being in the industry at a young age.

Biggest Takeaways from Industry (00:21:23) Observations and lessons learned from being in the entertainment industry at a young age.

Supportive Parents (00:22:43) The impact of having supportive parents and their sacrifices for the guest’s career.

Mental Health During the Pandemic (00:25:27) The toll of the pandemic on mental health and coping mechanisms.

Resonance of the Song “Teach Me” (00:29:36) Discussion of why the song resonates with people and its vulnerability.

Relationships in Music (00:30:44) The necessity of bringing vulnerability and relationships into music.

Adjusting Voice for Music (00:33:37) Adapting vocal style from theater to personal artistry and finding one’s own voice.

Inspirational Bible Verses (00:35:18) The inspiration behind the song “Your Will” from the Bible.

Finding Meaning in Life’s Struggles (00:37:25) Personal experiences of finding meaning in life’s struggles and the role of faith.

Upcoming Music (00:38:44) Excitement about upcoming music releases and the influence of faith in the creative process.

Bible Reading Journey (00:40:06) The guest’s experience with a guided Bible reading journey and revelations from the Old Testament.

Obedience and God’s Guidance (00:41:08) Discussion on the importance of obedience and God’s guidance in life.

Living a 116 Life (00:43:16) The host acknowledges Lee Vasi’s commitment to living a life influenced by God and encourages her to share final words of encouragement.

Words of Encouragement (00:44:16) Lee Vasi encourages listeners to trust God in their struggles and emphasizes the value of having God as a guide.

Following Lee Voss’s Music (00:45:03) Lee Vasi shares her social media handles and platforms where her music can be found.

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