Overcoming Abuse and Finding Faith with Michelle Elizabeth Williams

Hey family and welcome to Da Fixx. In this episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with the incredibly inspiring Michelle Elizabeth Williams—a name that resonates with strength, resilience, and talent. As a singer, author, and CEO, Michelle has navigated a life filled with challenges, yet she emerged victorious, using her voice to uplift and empower others after overcoming abuse.

The Journey of Overcoming Abuse

Michelle’s story is one of overcoming the darkest of times. She opened up about her past, marked by abuse and rejection, and how these experiences shaped her search for love and acceptance. It was through her faith that she found solace and strength. Michelle poignantly shared, “Rejection is God’s protection.” This powerful realization helped her see that what she perceived as rejection was, in fact, a divine shield, safeguarding her for a greater purpose.

Discovering Faith in the Midst of Darkness

One of the most profound moments in this discussion was when Michelle recounted her introduction to God. It wasn’t through traditional means, but rather through a series of life-altering events that led her to seek and find a higher power. Her story is a testament to the idea that sometimes, we find light in the most unexpected places. Michelle’s encounter with faith was not in a church, but in the midst of a storm, both metaphorically and literally.

The Healing Power of the Word

Michelle’s journey to healing began with a simple, yet profound act of placing a Bible on her chest as a child, struggling to breathe due to a severe sinus issue. This act, born out of desperation and innocence, became a pivotal moment of divine intervention. She described how the red letters of the Bible—words she didn’t yet understand—brought her healing and comfort. It was a physical and spiritual awakening that set the stage for her future encounters with God’s love.

Embracing Therapy and Counseling

Addressing the often-stigmatized topic of mental health, especially in certain cultures, the discussion delved into the importance of seeking professional help. She candidly shared her own experiences with therapy, emphasizing that healing from childhood trauma is a journey that often requires guidance. It’s a powerful reminder that seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a courageous step towards self-discovery and recovery.

Marriage, Communication, and Boundaries

In the real talk segment, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discussed the delicate dynamics of marriage. Dice spoke of the lessons she learned in communicating with her husband and the significance of understanding each other’s unique communication styles. Our hosts also discussed the necessity of patience, compassion, and understanding in resolving marital conflicts. The importance of setting healthy boundaries and avoiding toxic communication patterns was underscored, highlighting that respect, positive intent, and friendship are the cornerstones of a strong marriage.


As the episode drew to a close, our hosts were left with a profound sense of admiration for Michelle Elizabeth Williams. Her resilience, her unwavering faith, and her commitment to self-improvement are a beacon of hope for anyone facing adversity. Her story is a powerful reminder that our past does not define us; rather, it is the strength we find in our struggles that shapes our future.

We hope this conversation inspires you. Remember, no matter the obstacles we face, there is always a path to healing and empowerment. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Stay blessed and stay focused.

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The hustle and the kingdom (00:00:02) Artists express their dedication to the streets, music, and faith.

Prayers and attitudes (00:01:35) Discussion on maintaining a positive attitude and handling triggers, prayers for quick tempers.

Road rage and safety (00:02:29) Addressing road rage, safety, and the responsibility of carrying a weapon.

Marriage brawls and toxic behaviors (00:04:33) Exploring the impact of marriage conflicts and toxic behaviors, aiming for improvement.

National Corn Chip Day (00:08:56) Celebrating National Corn Chip Day, discussing the history and enjoyment of corn chips.

Faith and sports report (00:12:48) Super Bowl 58 matchup, NFL championship games, and NBA game results.

From rejection to purpose (00:18:13) Michelle Williams shares her journey from abuse and rejection to finding purpose and God’s protection.

Introduction (00:19:27) Speaker 4 shares her traumatic experiences and how she was introduced to God.

Seeking Therapy and Healing (00:23:46) Guest talks about her journey seeking counseling, therapy, and finding healing through writing and church.

Taking the First Step to Recovery (00:27:01) The importance of acknowledging abuse, seeking therapy, and finding safety, as well as the impact of fear on staying in abusive relationships.

Challenges and Triumphs (00:32:39) Guest discusses her musical career, overcoming personal challenges, and her pride in being a mother and wife.

Supporting Media Mogul (00:37:05) Guest talks about her husband’s media ventures and how to connect with him for music submissions.

Conclusion and Book Promotion (00:38:54) Guest shares information about her book and where to find it, as well as her website for more details.

Current Events (00:40:13) Discussion about a recent protest involving throwing pumpkin soup on the Mona Lisa and the message behind the demonstration.

Food Supply Chain Issues (00:41:41) Discussion about the impact of global food supply chain issues on prices and availability.

Art and Awareness (00:42:30) Comparison of the value placed on art versus the critical need for food and awareness of global hunger.

Challenges of Access to Clean Water (00:43:24) Personal experiences and gratitude for access to clean water in contrast to the challenges faced in other parts of the world.

Government Corruption and Water Supply (00:44:31) Discussion on government corruption and its impact on water supply in certain regions.

Marriage Brawls (00:45:48) Introduction to the topic of marriage brawls and the importance of seeking help and counseling.

Toxic Communication in Marriage (00:47:36) The negative impact of toxic communication in marriages and the need for effective communication skills.

Self-Development and Relationship (00:53:57) Importance of individual self-development and seeking support from community and counseling for a healthy relationship.

Compassion and Setting Boundaries (00:58:08) The importance of compassion, setting boundaries, and effective communication in relationships.

The communication issue (01:00:21) Host talks about the challenge of understanding her partner’s communication style when upset.

Understanding each other’s communication (01:01:15) Host emphasizes the importance of understanding how each partner communicates when upset and the need to listen and learn.

The importance of praying together (01:06:34) Host discusses the significance of praying and reading the word together in a marriage to understand its true meaning.

Misuse of religious teachings (01:07:24) Host highlights the misuse of religious teachings in relationships and emphasizes the importance of walking in love.

Apologizing and repetitive behavior (01:09:56) The conversation touches on the significance of apologizing and the impact of repetitive behavior in relationships.

Common law marriage (01:13:22) The hosts discuss common law marriage and express their views on it, touching on gender roles and respect.

The role of a partner in success (01:15:44) Host emphasizes the significant role of a partner in the success of an individual, using Oprah Winfrey and Stedman as an example.

Wrap-up and upcoming segments (01:17:00) Hosts wrap up the segment and tease upcoming segments, including “Lyrics for the Mind” and the “Faith and Sports Report.”

Mental Health and Faith (01:17:24) Exploring mental health themes, faith, and the impact of spirituality on mental health.

Challenges Faced by Women (01:17:24) Discussion on the challenges women face, including depression and societal pressures.

Myammee’s Struggles and Vulnerability (01:18:24) Myammeei’s experiences with mental health challenges, vulnerability, and the impact of faith.

Marriage and Communication (01:19:40) Discussion on communication and respect in marriages, toxic relationships, and the impact on mental health.

Domestic Violence and Trauma (01:21:45) Personal experiences with domestic violence, trauma, and the impact on relationships and mental health.

Importance of Love and God in Marriage (01:24:20) Encouragement to prioritize love, communication, and spirituality in marriage.

Mentoring Married Couples (01:25:03) Encouraging married couples to share their experiences and build their own unique relationship.

Community Service and Testimonies (01:26:08) Acknowledgment of community service, testimonies, and the impact of sharing personal experiences.

Radio Show Promotion (01:26:55) Promotion of upcoming radio shows and the importance of support for inspirational content.

Closing Remarks (01:27:32) Encouragement to focus on positivity, faith, and kingdom advancement.