The 116 Life Episode 62: Letting God Lead The Way with J Paul the Carpenter

Hey family! We’ve got another encouraging episode of The 116 Life with Reach Records SVP over A&R Ace Harris and Meah Evans. This week our hosts had the pleasure of diving deep into the life of a truly multifaceted individual, J Paul the Carpenter (also known as Jared Foster) about his evolution as an artist, and the profound lessons he’s learned along the way by letting God lead.

The Glow of Growth and Family

Ace and Meah kicked off the show with their usual camaraderie, acknowledging each other’s style and the “glow” that they bring to the table. But the spotlight quickly turned to their guest, J Paul AKA Jared Foster, who shared the joys of his personal life, including the birth of his baby girl in January 2024. As a father of three, Jared opened up about the challenges and delights of parenting, humorously likening it to playing zone defense.

From Dallas to Atlanta: A Cultural Shift

Jared’s move from Dallas to Atlanta marked a significant transition in his life. He fondly reminisced about his roots in Dallas, describing it as its own country within Texas. The cultural differences between Texas and Atlanta were apparent, but Jared embraced the change with the same confidence and vibrancy he’s known for.

The Artistry of Woodworking

The conversation took an intriguing turn as Jared explained his evolution from a singer to a carpenter and woodworker. He detailed the nuances between carpentry and woodworking, expressing his fascination with the science and creativity involved in transforming wood into beautiful, functional pieces. His Instagram handle, “Jay Paul the carpenter,” reflects this new chapter in his life, where he continues to build and create, both in music and woodworking.

Faith and Music: God’s Divine Intersection

Jared’s journey of faith is a testament to the transformative power of spirituality. He recounted a pivotal moment with his friend Vaughn, who helped him realize that his heart had already been touched by the Lord, and that faith is a gradual transformation rather than a single prayer. Influential figures like Trip Lee and Lecrae played a significant role in shaping his spiritual and musical path, introducing him to the authenticity of Christian rap.

An Unexpected Path to Success

Despite his initial reluctance to pursue a career in music, Jared’s casual collaboration with Reach’s Trip Lee led to a series of opportunities that included working with Lecrae and contributing to hit songs. He acknowledged the role of faith and divine guidance in his unexpected entry into the music industry, a journey that has been both fulfilling and surprising.

The Impact of Woodworking and Service

As the discussion continued, Jared shared his experiences with woodworking projects, specifically home renovations. He spoke of the joy and gratitude of those whose homes he transformed, highlighting his desire to help others. His passion for service is evident as he envisions using his skills to uplift and support his community.

Creativity, Craftsmanship, and Opportunity

Jared’s story about creating a special swing for a friend’s birthday illustrated the power of creativity in his work. He emphasized the diverse forms of creativity in woodworking and the importance of personalizing one’s craft. His experience on the show “Destination” and the subsequent opportunities it brought showcased the intersection of creativity, craftsmanship, and seizing the moment.

A Message of Purpose and Pursuit

As they episode wrapped, Jared left us with a powerful message: don’t be afraid to pursue the path that God has set for you. He encouraged listeners to be open to new opportunities and to follow the path that aligns with their purpose.

Conclusion: Embracing the Multifaceted Self

Jared’s journey is a powerful reminder that we are all multifaceted beings with diverse talents and interests. His transition from music to woodworking, and his continued exploration of creativity, serve as an inspiration to embrace all aspects of ourselves. Whether it’s through the lens of faith, artistry, or service, Jared’s story encourages us to find fulfillment in unexpected places and to remain open to the endless possibilities that life offers.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible exploration of life’s transformations. Until next time, keep shining, keep growing, and keep the faith.

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The introduction (00:00:00) The hosts introduce the show and welcome the audience.

J Paul’s family life (00:01:08) J Paul talks about his family life, including the birth of his baby girl and his two boys.

J Paul’s transition to woodworking (00:05:16) J Paul discusses his transition from music to woodworking, explaining the significance of his name “Jake Paul the Carpenter” and his interest in woodworking.

J Paul’s woodworking journey (00:09:00) J Paul shares how he started his woodworking journey, initially as a hobby, and the unexpected demand for his products.

J Paul’s faith journey (00:15:54) J Paul reflects on his upbringing in church, his mentors, and his journey with faith, starting from his teenage years.

The journey to faith (00:18:34) Jared Foster describes his journey to Christianity, influenced by mentors and experiences, emphasizing the conviction and gradual change.

Encounter with Christian rap (00:20:22) Jared recalls a concert at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, where Cross Movement’s performance made a lasting impression, challenging his perception of Christian rap.

Transition to music career (00:23:48) Jared discusses his transition to a music career, sharing his initial struggles with songwriting and the unexpected opportunities that led to his music journey.

Evolution of career and passions (00:31:58) Jared reflects on his evolution from music to woodworking, emphasizing the importance of embracing multiple passions and allowing God to guide his path.

Impactful projects and helping others (00:36:34) Jared expresses pride in home renovations and the joy of helping others, highlighting a memorable project for a family and his desire to assist a neighbor in need.

The swing creation (00:38:50) J Paul shares the story of creating a swing for a friend’s birthday, bringing family and friends together.

Creativity in woodworking (00:39:58) Discussion the influence of creativity in woodworking, mentioning a wood-twisting technique and personal creative preferences.

Artistic perspective on woodworking (00:42:36) Ace and Meah express admiration for the J’s woodworking creations and discuss the artistic aspect of woodworking.

Experience with brand deals (00:43:12) J Paul shares the experience of securing brand deals through networking and how it led to opportunities in TV shows.

Final words of encouragement (00:46:24) J Paul emphasizes not being afraid to pursue the path that God is leading, encouraging listeners to embrace new opportunities.

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