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Music Video: C-Lite “No Tombstone” ft. Sheena Lee

In the hope to create a visual impact that touches lives, the ‘Sin Is Wack’ ministry of Andy ‘C-Lite’ Mineo has delivered excellence with the music video NO TOMBSTONE. ‘No Tombstone’, also featuring Sheena Lee, was directed by David Ham and produced by John Casem and Alex Lieu. This is the first single from C-Lite, which truly delivers lyrical content from a genuine heart to share the Gospel. The cinematic direction of the video presents viewers with a heartfelt story of reality, intertwined with the passionate performance shots of C-Lite. It will instantly stir up topics and discussion on the current crisis of our youth culture, and thus hoping that all would embrace the sacrificial calling to reach the lost.

Music by Andy Mineo (Siniswack Productions), Directed by David Ham (Cross Roots Ministries), Visual Directors: John Casem & Alex Leu (Light Farm), Score and sound design by Michael Whalen.

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