50 Women In CHH You Should Know

Published on September 5, 2023

This post was last updated 9/18/2023

We have been talking about women in CHH for a hot minute, and it is about to get hotter.

These MCs are Titans in their own right- not just cementing a foothold for the next generation of femcees but spittin’ with class and style.

These women have been there since the birth of CHH, carrying their testimonies with grace to the masses, bringing God’s love and healing with impressive skill. 

As part of our celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary this month, we brought you a list of artists that have been making waves since day one. Each flavoring CHH with the spice of a life well lived under the will of God.  

Not content to choose one over the other, we’ve put them in alphabetical order, and as we scour the airwaves for fresh voices, we hope to add to this list, exposing our audience to the beauty of the female voice. 

We also have a playlist you can jump into right now!

So without further ado, we present to you…

50 Women in CHH You Should Know


4EVATV, who started rapping at nine, has many accolades. She was featured on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday and won the Jay Z/50 Cent Rock the Mic New England Freestyle Competition. Her track “I’m a Believer” climbed the charts after being released on January 29, 2021. She won Best New Gospel artist Artist at the Connecticut Gospel Music Awards and was the first artist from Connecticut to perform live for the NYC Kingdom Choice Gospel Music Awards on Broadway. She is also an author and founder of faith-based life coaching, 90 Days to GOD, where many have overcome trauma through gaining victory in the battle of spirit vs. flesh. 4EVATV delivers a hot sound that rips the airwaves and continues to inspire many people across the Globe.

Aasha Marie

A lyric master, Aasha Marie, naturally came by her musical talent- a gift from her mother, a choir director at her father’s church. Although she grew up in the faith, her spiritual awakening didn’t come until her mid 20’s, when she gave her life to Christ. Since she has used her talent to reach those on the spiritual fringes and to make God famous, her first full-length album WYWS debuted in 2020 and has streamed over 100k times on Spotify; the single “Dapper” quickly climbed the charts. Her most recent work, Signs of Life, has been heralded as a true magnum opus masterpiece.  

Ada Betsabe 

Growing up in the Dominican Republic to a musical family left young Ada with a complex- She never felt as good as her sisters, who could sing. But when a cousin dared her to rap, her music journey began quickly falling in love with East Coast rappers and R&B, namely Alicia Keys. A dark encounter with the secular music world had Ada running to Christ at 23 -surrendering her passion for music for two years until CHH came knocking. She has consistently released music since 2016, notably “Sparrow” in 2018 and her Latino project with 116 Sin Verguenza Vol. 1 (Shameless) in 2020.

A.I. The Anomaly

Aitina Fareed-Cooke, the rose that pushed up from the concrete of Buffalo, was considered a failure to thrive at a young age. The trauma of being born to a drug-addicted mother left her emotionally stunted, but thanks to her foster mother, she found solace in poetry and music. Her best-known song, “Eastside,” is gritty yet gentle and impeccably marries her love of hip-hop and jazz. Her talent extends beyond the stage onto the streets of her community as she pours the love of art and its many dialects into the next generation. 

Alisha Moore (from A-1 Swift)

Alisha Tyler is referred to as the Queen of Gospel rap as one of the first women to pioneer the genre. Fans of CHH will remember her from the ’90s when she formed half of the first gospel duo A-1 with her husband, Chris. Chris took Alisha under his wing and taught her how to rap, recording her sound and rehearsing to perfection. After releasing two albums with Chris, Alisha stepped back to raise her children but never left music altogether. Now an empty nester, she has time to devote to music again as a solo artist, reclaiming the title bestowed upon her by her fans.

Angie Rose

Angie Rose, a Holy Culture veteran, has it all. Latina, by birth and a child of God through hard knocks, did a 180 when the death of two loved ones rocked her world. Fueled only by drugs and alcohol for years, she came to the feet of Christ when He shattered her glass house of apathy. Now filled with the flame of the Holy Spirit, she hopes to “open the eyes of the blind with a truth that surpasses momentary pain!” Her track “Fight for Your Life,” released in 2022, is an anthem of perseverance in the face of difficulty grounded in the Only One who can make the impossible possible. 

Big Rissa

Beautifully broken, Big Rissa is a Walking Testimony. Raised in the church, Big Rissa began rapping at 12, but she never thought to do it for God’s glory. At nineteen, when her young life hit a rough patch, she surrendered her life to Christ and began to see the plans He had stored for her. A process of sanctification fueled her creativity and empowered her with lyrics to inspire change and faithfulness over perfection. Her song “That’s on That” from her Elevation EP, which came out in 2021, hit a sweet spot for her fans, hitting 3k streams alone on Spotify.  

Brea Miles

Brea Miles is coming in spicy and leading the way straight to Christ. With lyrics tying back to Scripture, she embraces her anointing and lets it flow. Her style has garnered the attention of both secular and Christians alike- placing her in a unique spot to spread the Word. For Brea, music is a genuine expression of worship, empowerment, and healing. Her 2021 single “Crazy Faith” featuring Jor’Dan Armstrong and Heesun Lee is a dope mix of hip-hop and gospel set to lift and motivate her listeners that they can conquer all with a lil faith. 

Breekay & Kasairi

The dynamic duo of cousins Breekay and Kasairi cannot be boxed in. Hailing from a mixed heritage background of Mexican and Black, these two ladies want all the beats all the time. Both grew up in Christian homes, pushed into serving in the church, and rebellion kept them from truly knowing Christ until after high school. When they embraced the idea of working together, they were determined to do so excellently, avoiding the cheesiness plaguing CHH since its inception. The result is an eclectic mix of all genres in singles like “Antisocial” and “County Line,” where the folksy and mundane meet hip-hop in a sick sound uniquely theirs.  

Bri Smilez

Bri is a messenger FEMCEE, and she uses music as a tool for warfare! Exposed to the evil in the secular music industry and refusing the let go of her identity as a Christ follower, she uses her gifting for the glory of God. With a heart for today’s youth, she proudly wears her femininity and testimony with class, inspiring other young girls to follow. She hopes to encourage others with her music to embrace who they are in Christ and reflect their Creator proudly to the rest of the world. 

Butta P

Butta P, one of the OG’s of CHH, began as part of the trio Rhema Soul which included Juan Love and K-Nuff. After enjoying great success with her group through the 2000s, she struck out on her own with a solo EP, The Coronation, in 2015, since she has focused on outreach for women and managing budding Christian artists on the rise. Her music has touched the lives of many, and her career has been a launching pad for other CHH greats: GAWVI, Marty Mar, and FERN.

Carita Cole

Raised a military brat, Carita Cole was born musically gifted, learning to play the piano by ear at seven and the trumpet a few years later. Shortly after, she began recording music in a makeshift home studio fueled by watching her talented mother sing at church. Over the years, she has developed a sound that harkens to classic hip-hop with a sprinkling of 808 beats. Her debut album No Excuses, was released in 2013, and her track “Not Today” from her 2021 Recognition album is a testament to her skill and staying power. 


Initially from Gweru, Zimbabwe, Cass felt the pull of music on her life since high school- spending as much time in her school’s studio as she could. When graphic design school failed, she applied to New Zealand’s prestigious music school and was accepted. While the Lord seemed to be closing all doors for her to gain work until after a year’s internship at her church, He led her to make a record. Quietly, she created and released her album Genesis out of her bedroom, and almost overnight, it went to the top of the New Zealand music charts, wooing fans with her smooth R&B sound and catchy beats.   

Chasity Latrice 


Singer, dancer, and rapper Chasity is a triple threat with a light that reflects her Father beautifully. She expressed herself through dance from an early age, but her foray into CHH came quite suddenly. While playing with some beats one night with a friend and her brother, the trio made a video of Chasity performing and sent it to Christian Hip Hop Hits Just as Hard. The video hit 45k, and the requests started to pour in for her music. She took a humble approach to learning her craft and purposefully pursued those willing to mentor her. The result has been a beautiful evolution in song form that encourages, lifts, and inspires. 

Childlike Cici

Don’t let the name fool you; Childlike Cici is a warrior for Christ if you ever met one. Her lyrics spit verse after verse of the Word right into your soul- reminding you we don’t fight against flesh and blood, but you best believe that the battle has been won through Christ’s blood. Her confidence is infectious and fueled by the Scripture she expertly weaves into her rhymes. She kills it with finesse, and her collaborations with other indie artists are inspired. While her career has just begun, her undeniable talents make her one of our female MCs to watch in the years to come.  

Dashawn Shaunta

DaShawn wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music when she was growing up, but when she hung with her cousins, the 90’s hip-hop sound beckoned to her to bop her head to the beat. While dabbling with music in 2016, her life took a surprising turn when she tweeted Doc Watson for advice, and he replied. After listening to her music, he was blown away and began to mentor her toward the release of her debut album in 2018. She has released 31 singles and EPs since then; the latest, “Octobers Only,” came out in early July, giving fans the breathtaking R&B, gospel, and rap blend they’ve come to love.  


Kisa Nya is a femcee out of Florida leading two sides of a purposeful life. During the day, Kisa works with the youth in her community coaching basketball, while her artistic side DeNya, is all about spreading the truth of the gospel with authenticity and style. Her spirit-filled lyrics inspire her listeners to deny all things that oppose the truth, even if it’s one’s self. With a mission in hand and powerful flow, she has collaborated with amazing artists, including Eshon Burgundy, 2 Edge, Anthony Ryan, and more. 

Diamond Destiny

Diamond Destiny felt like she didn’t have a testimony to give for the longest time- having grown up in a Christian household where the seed of Christ was planted early on. But it was in her teens that she found her need for God; even then, she knew there was more to life than what the world had to offer, a revelation for one so young. Since then, she has matured into a sanctification that birthed her purpose- to share the good news through her music. The hit single, “Jewels From Da Trenches,” struck a chord with fans, reaching 14k streams on Spotify alone; the perfect mix of soul, R&B, and hip-hop has cemented her as a rising star.

Dice Gamble

Any list of femcees would only be complete with our very own Dice Gamble. Internationally known rapper, poet, writer, producer, label owner, and founder of CHH University, Dice is a superwoman. As if her five award-winning albums and worldwide features weren’t enough proof, she is also a licensed minister through the Carter Theological Institute of Ministry. She uses her story of surpassing depression and drug abuse to mentor and teach globally at youth conferences, rallies, detention centers, events, and churches. Her message is one of hope: no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, God is still with you and for you. According to Dice, this should make us feel beautiful every day. 

DJ Epiphany Deshay

DJ Epiphany Deshay has been on the Dallas Christian Rap and spoken word scene since 2017. She is the owner of Bless the Mic for Christ Management and is the visionary creator behind Bars4Christ. Beyond her talents as an artist, she is a devoted mother and grandmother of three. Her selflessness and commitment to family values extends to her community, where she volunteers her DJ services. Through her struggles and battles, she has learned to lean into her faith in Christ, who has loved her regardless of her imperfections. Her journey is a testament to a life surrendered to the perfect will of God. If anyone has footage of DJ Epiphany a the wheels of steel, please send it our way.

DJ Mea

DJ Mea, better known as Gospel DJ Mea, grew up in a godly home with parents who were pastors, but when a friend left his equipment at her house, her love of gospel music and hip-hop-soul collided. Her passion is spinning music for other gospel artists, and being part of the journey is getting their songs heard. Now a mother and grandmother, she continues to engage her community by dropping sick beats. If you happen to catch DJ Mea showcasing her skills at the turntables, we’d love to see it.

DJ Ms. Eclectic

Texas native Eclectic is true to her namesake: having been fed a diverse diet of gospel, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, and alternative- she takes only the best into a unique blend. A lyricist from age 10, she flexed her musical prowess as half of the female duo F.R.E.E. early on her career, opening up for MisFits Tour and appearing on the Bobby Jones Presents. With the release of 2 decks and a mixer as a solo artist- she has become the embodiment of her name by becoming a radio personality, national recording artist, and owner of Electic Music Enterprise, on top of being one of the hottest DJs on the scene.

DJ Penny

Ojih Penelope, aka DJ Penny, was born in the 90’s in Nigeria. After becoming a DJ in 2018, she received the Best Music Policy DJ award and Best Gospel DJ award from 2019 through 2021, respectively. Her January 2021 release featured 39 artists worldwide, and her track “Senseless” hit 57k streams on Spotify alone. Now an on-air personality Oap at Gh3radio in Los Angeles, her IG lives have amassed a global following, giving her the fitting moniker of Worldclass DJ Penny.

DJ Shunz

DJ Shunz claims she wasn’t interested in mixing or writing, but you wouldn’t guess that from the thousands of streams her beats bring to Spotify. She began her journey working for DJ Natty B as a radio show producer, but when her church approached her to produce a song, she took a step of faith, and the rest is history. As she began her journey, she realized there were few Christian tracks people could dance to, and she set out to be the one to fix it. ‘Anointed to Bring the Vibes,” she infuses her music with Afrobeats, dancehall, R&B, and CHH into an irresistible beat anyone can move to.


Delanea Jones is a “Quiet Riot” of class and skills- who has taken the influences of Missy Elliott and MC-Lyte and transformed into a powerhouse for Christ. Rapping since the age of five, she had an early start with a group called E-MOB, but it wasn’t until she began recording with JP from Detroit Gospel Rock group that her career began to change. Her raspy tone and relatable lyrics have made her a fan favorite, and she has been blessed to open for CHH greats like Flame, Bizzle, 1K Phew, and many more. Her latest EP In My Own Lane hit all streaming platforms this year.

Drika Will

Music has always called out to Drika; from her early days in art school to performing solos in high school- her life was threaded with music. After giving her life to the Lord in 2014, she felt His loving nudge back to music. A first-place tie for a legacy disciple rap showcase gave her the confidence to pursue her passion, and she used the pandemic to begin releasing singles. Disappointed in the imitation game she has experienced in CHH, she is dead set on being the unique masterpiece God created her to be.

Elsie Ortega (from New Breed)

Elsie Ortega was her brother Macho’s counterpart in the duo New Breed. When the pair crossed paths with Tunnel Ratz frontman Dax in 97’, he asked the team to join the crew. Not one to shrink down in a male-dominated Elsie held her own with sick lyrics and flair true to her Puerto Rican roots. Her song “Ladies” from the TLR’z album Tunnel Vision talks about the struggles of womanhood and was created for women to feel seen. “Don’t Listen to Your Heart,” from Don’t Stop the Music, on the other hand, was an anthem for ladies everywhere- dope beats with a Lauryn Hill doo-wop vibe. 

Erica Cumbo

Erica Cumbo came from talented roots; everyone in her family strongly carries the gene in their veins. After faithfully serving under Canton Jones, the Lord opened the door for her to receive a contract with Canton’s CAJO Records. Her debut album, Beauty for Ashes, was released in 2015 and delivered “All Day Jesus,” a feel-good single with Canton himself. Fast forward to 2022, her last single, “What’s Your Legacy,” the sound is mellow, a little more R&B, with hip-hop swag. Influenced by the Giants before her, Erica has created a beautiful legacy that brings God’s presence, peace, and healing to her fans. 


The dynamic duo of Breanna and Taylour Dickerson have deep roots in the C.O.G.I.C. church, which is their namesake. They attended college at an art conservatory in California, where they honed their performance skills, and it has paid off and then some. Upon releasing their self-titled EP, they were nominated for ten awards, including the Sensor Image Award for their talent and dedication to Holy Hip-Hop. These women deliver a show and a message every single time, hoping to leave their fans knowing God is very much real. . 

Heesun Lee

She aint her gender, her color or her class- she is here to break all stereotypes and help all the daughters get their minds right. Born in Korea, Heesun Lee was brought to the U.S. by her adoptive Chinese parents. Finding she didn’t fit in with her American or Korean classmates threw a teen Heesun into a spiral that led to partying, sex, drugs, and hip hop. When she found Christ, her solace in writing became centered around Him, and when she learned she could rap the words she penned, it all came together. Now she is going against the grain to create a better, different future for the women rising, to challenge their mindset and break the stereotypes set on them by the world. 

Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie is a CHH giant. Writer, rapper, bible teacher, and poet, she is a master communicator in her prime. Coming up in St. Louis, she was raised by a single mother and experienced sexual abuse at age five. Not fitting into the role of what a girl was, she gave herself to pursuing same-sex relationships, finding no peace in the life that was supposed to bring her joy. Still feeling the call of God, she surrendered her life to Christ, unsure of how a gay girl was supposed to follow him- but willing to let him take care of all the things she wasn’t ready to give up. Through her music and testimony, she encourages women to tell their own stories and only be defined by what God says they should be. 

Jaz (from Unity Klan)

Unity Klan was a group that was hot for a minute during the mid ’90s, moving in the same sphere as P.O.D., Dogwood and Fros’T. Big J. and Jaz remained a team after their friend Danny left the group for a shot at a solo career. Jaz for her part, released a solo album Distant Thunder in 2000, making her one of a handful of female MCs to do so- placing a solid foundation for the next generation to follow. 


Miami-born and bred, Jeka began rapping at the ripe age of 12 when she heard her cousin rap with some friends. Unfortunately for Jeka, that was the same year her parents divorced, throwing their home into chaos and leaving her lost and angry. Although she was still attending church regularly, it wasn’t until she attended a youth conference that she came to Christ and found the peace she so longed for. Her melodic voice and lyrical skills infuse her brand of hip-hop in a soft way that packs a punch. Her single “2:25,” is the perfect example of what she brings to the table, a gentler side to CHH. 

Kay Sade

Kay Sade had a penchant for lyrics and instrumentals from an early age. During college she formed part of the duo TheKnuBlack with KnuOrigen, where she was named Rapzilla Freshman in 2017. When life changes, and creative differences caused the pair to split, Kay began producing her own music and released ten singles the following year. Kay believes collaboration often produces awesome results and released an EP with Dru Bex UFO TOFU in 2020, two songs on that album alone hit 100k: “Never Odd or Even” and “Tenet.” To Sade, the UFO represents the attachment some people have for their unbelief; yet there is always the possibility that something will be revealed to you and the truth will be manifest about the One and Powerful God.    


Kei-Landa’s story reflects many of our own. Growing up in the church, she knew of Christ but lacked a deep connection with Him that was made more tenuous by all her unanswered questions on faith. But when a profound encounter with the Holy Spirit filled her with unparalleled peace and joy- she knew that her mission was to tell the world about God. Now an award-winning actress, rapper, and author, she seeks to redeem hip-hop back to Christ in a ministry she calls Not On My Watch. She is dedicated to spreading God’s message of love, redemption, and salvation using her platform and talents. 

Keiana Parks

Keiana is low-key multi-talented: martial artist, graphic designer, singer, and rapper- you ain’t getting rid of her anytime soon. While her musical talent is undeniable (check out the dope single “Thirsty”), she didn’t discover her love of music until she wrote a poem in college as part of her testimony. Delivered from same-sex attraction and witchcraft by Christ, her story is a big part of her music, one that she hopes to will help others in the same circumstances see the light. On top of making music, she has started a podcast, “Him over Her,” and a coaching service, both in the pursuit of helping people battling with their identity and homosexuality. 

Kidd Lee

Kidd Lee has been rapping since she was 7; at age twenty, she has clocked an impressive 13 years producing music. Even though she grew up in the church, she didn’t have a relationship with Christ. During quarantine, her life imploded, and the demons of depression and anxiety reared their ugly heads, leaving her reeling. While scrolling through TikTok, she found videos of Christians talking about Jesus, and in her deeper searchings, she found God. Deeply in love with Christ and his Word, she no longer sees music as a career but as a ministry. 

Kristina Bridgewater

Kristina and Joshua have been performing together for fourteen years since they first met in performance art school; he the singer, she the rapper. Kristina is fiery and spirited, always nervous before a performance as the weight of her testimony spurs her on. Born to a drug-addicted mother, losing her father at thirteen, and going into foster care, Kristina knows something about pain, loss, and depression. But having experienced God’s redemptive love, the couple set out to encourage those feeling alienated. With elements of hip-hop, R&B, and jazz, Kristina and her husband bring the bold message of a healing Savior to the hopeless and the lost.  


Lexc came from a talented entertainment family, and while she seemed bubbly and confident on the outside, she was plagued by feelings of inadequacy. At eighteen, she began to record secular music, but when she was saved the following year, she transitioned to writing faith-based music. Strapped for cash, she couldn’t put out music for the masses, but when someone gave her a free beat, she sat on it, and “I Ain’t Convinced” was born; another five came shortly after. Hip-hop to the bone, she won 2021 Andy Mineo’s Jackson Pollock Remix Challenge with Andy Mineo and plans to keep putting music out, inspiring others to walk in holiness out of love for God. 


Latoria is a Dallas native raised by her mother and aunt. Growing up in the church didn’t prevent her from somewhat backsliding during her young adult years, but things began to shift when she dedicated herself to Christ. She met producer Len H., who mentored her and helped her release her debut album Simple Task in 2006, and the rest is history. In the following years, she would win awards, be featured internationally, and share the stage with the biggest name in the game. She continues to put out fresh tracks year after, such as “Press IN,” “Go for the Win,” and “Affirmation,” all of which have been a hit on Spotify. 

Licy Be 

Getting scorned in love may have been the best thing to happen to New Zealand-born, Licy-Be. Crushed at the betrayal, she put pen to paper, and “One Life” emerged. But that’s when it all changed. She performed at the Sydney Opera House in 2016 as a national finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam, and her 2017 debut album, Beautifully Broken, debuted globally and charted in the Australian iTunes Charts. Having struggled with suicidal thoughts has positioned Licy-Be to act as a motivational speaker for suicide prevention and mental health- through her music, she continues to put out a positive message and bring others into a closer relationship with God. 

Linga The Boss

The Boss was born in Zambia, Africa,, and raised in England before moving to the States in 2007. Exposed to rap during 7th grade, she found a knack for spittin” rhymes, beating out all self-proclaimed rappers by the end of her first year in high school. When she saw her music was at odds with her faith, she pivoted her message to reflect her faith. Her latest EP, One of the Few, is a work of encouragement for the children of God not to conform to the pattern of this world; through her music, she hopes to inspire everyone to live a bold, audacious life in Christ. 

Mahogany Jones

Mahogany is a renaissance woman: rapper, educator, activist, and more! Four-time, undefeated champion of BET’s “106 & Park” Freestyle Friday, TedEx speaker, and U.S. music ambassador to 13 different countries on four continents. The girl has been a fire for years. She has launched three full albums and has been featured in over 30 compilations, mixtapes, and albums with streams nearing one million. She is considered a lyrical powerhouse delivering femininity, spirituality, and hip-hop with each performance. Among her hits are “Strong Friends/Weak Friends” and “You Got This,” which showcase her passion for empowerment and mental health awareness. As an activist, she launched A PURE Movement to confront violence against women. 


M.C. Ge Gee was the sister poet to the late Danny “D-Boy” Rodriguez, a 90’s CHH rockstar. The pair would work together, Genie tapping out the beats to his rhymes. An opportunity came for Genie to rap and, unsure of herself, leaned on Danny to coach her through the slang and the attitude she lacked. Her first album, I’m For Real, was heavily influenced by him. Upon his tragic death in 1990, her inspiration for rapping died along with him, and her second release, And Now the Mission Continues, fell flat. While she never wanted to be a groundbreaker, that’s who she became, and while her gift for rap fizzled, her joy in speaking of Jesus never did. She found solace in refocusing on that part of her ministry.

Miz Tiffany

Miz Tiffany’s story is wild. As a young college student, Miz Tiffany was in a horrific accident in which she sustained debilitating injuries. While in a drug-induced coma, her Spirit was very much alive and in communion with God. The Lord gave her a revelation that would take almost a decade to recall. But at the crossroads of her life, she called out to God for purpose, and the floodgates of her anointing were opened up to her. She has been awarded over 30 music awards and over a dozen nominations. Most recently, her single “He’s Been Good” earned her an official nomination at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards, making her a third-time nominee and putting her on par with Lecrae, Pastor Mike Jr., Tye Tribbett, 1kPhew, and Bizzle. 

Ms. Day

Ms. Day has already earned a reputation for being a banger. She carries herself confidently like a veteran- her talents backed by Jeshua “TedyP” Williams and Ray Knowledge, two industry giants in their own right. 

Her single “I’m Me” climbed four music charts and was featured on season 7 of VH-1’s “Black Ink Crew Chicago.” Her latest single, “BIG,” has the industry declaring she is “one of the hottest inspirational artists on the scene!” With a nostalgic beat many of us recognize but with brilliant lyrics delivered flawlessly- this track is FIRE. Though she doesn’t consider herself a Christian hip-hop artist, God is still her center, reflected in everything she does. 


Angela Myammee Pitts is most often recognized from her time in Flavor Fav season 3, but that has only been a blip in her life since. Living with twin brothers and a mother who died of HIV complications left Myammee feeling ostracized by the Christian community- ignorance marred her life with loneliness, which meant leaning on God for comfort and strength. This suffering led her to be an advocate for non-traditional Christians, especially those with HIV, and creating a life brand that is all about growing God’fidence and His unconditional love for all.  

Porsha Love 

Even before Christ, Porsha Love knew she could rap, starting at five. Along with her cousins, she free-styled with the best of them and began to record music in high school when she blew up, performing in clubs to the cheering of crowds. At 20, she felt the Lord calling her to make music and took him at His word. Featured in “Don’t Worry Bout It,” and “70 Degrees,” she took 2021 by storm. In 2022 she released “Helga” and collaborated with Reach once again with “Love So Sweet.” A Holy Culture favorite; we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 


All hail the Queen of Battle Rap! With twelve battles under her belt, Pristavia’s skills are unquestionable as a battle rapper. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the sudden death of her father had Pristavia running to lyrics for comfort. When she was 12 and gave her life to Christ, she began to write and perform plays at church. Not one to let her talents go to waste, she was the lead singer of a seven-person band 24/7 that performed all over NYC. She began 2022 battling on Chrome 23 and ended the year as the 7th-best-ranked female battler as a rookie, and her Majesty is just getting started.

Reece Lache

You gotta love Reece Lache. Born in Louisiana to a tumultuous childhood, Reece has had some close calls. From spinning out of control on a highway to waking up in the middle of a house fire- but the Lord had plans for her, and she wants you to know Jesus is where’s at. Although she started in secular music in her teens, her surrender to Christ brought succor in her songs- singing herself into healing in her praise of God. Her songs speak of a life of struggles only overcome by His power and transforming love, and she hopes that in seeing themselves in her music, her fans can learn what it means to be set free. 

Serious Voice

Growing up in an abusive household with absent parents meant living with pain and hardship too big for small shoulders. Yet amid it all, Serious Voice would find her haven in her aunt’s home, who loved and filled her with confidence- a confidence she would use to start her music career with a bang. Streams nearing 25k and performances on Sway In The Morning, SXSW, McDonald’s Gospel Fest with Tina Campbell, Hezekiah Walker & others, Serious is a force! Heavily involved in lifting up successes in the Black community, Serious uses her voice and her music to spread the message of the kingdom to all. 

Shy Speaks

Shy Speaks almost wasn’t; a crack baby whose brain didn’t work correctly and who wasn’t growing was better off dead, according to her doctor. But blessed with a godly grandmother, Shy’s life was spared and fated for the Lord. She grew up in a musical household surrounded by its melodies at church. By the time she was in high school, she had already found her gift in music. When she re-dedicated her life to God, she decided to use her gift to reach those who otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to the gospel- be it on purpose or not. She could focus on adding to a company’s bottom line or apply the same energy to winning souls for Christ. There’s no debate on the path she has chosen. 

Tarcea Renee

Tarcea who grew up in North St. Louis and was heavily influenced by secular hip-hop. At age five, she began writing lyrics and making beats for FL Studio 5. Fast forward to 2010, Tarcea gave her life over to Christ and significantly paused her music-making ventures. Not feeling equipped to rap about God, she took a year to grow and embrace her faith. After finding Flame, her perspective on CHH changed and inspired her to take up music again, releasing her first solo album in 2013. Over the years, she has built a portfolio of projects and is highly sought after for her mixing and technical skills.  

Tierra Rich’ae


Tierra is just doin’ what God has called her to do. Everything she does comes from her heart; you’ll find Jesus there. Straight out of Detroit, this young emcee has the joy that only comes from redemption. Her 2022 banger, “D Flow Freestyle feat. DKG,” showcases her raw talent, full of confidence that delivers her story with style. Her second installment of the Trip series, “Trip 1.0,” is just as powerful- calling the masses to the truth that is Christ. Tierra says it’s “about taking a NY drill beat and turning it into a praise worship song for the Lord Jesus Christ.” With the success of her first two singles well-established, the future looks bright for Tierra, and we are all here for it. 

TK Lee

Tekeshia grew up a PK in Kansas City, Missouri, surrounded by godliness but feeling the pressure of being her father’s daughter. Despite growing up in the church, she fell into a life of drug abuse, alcohol, and toxic relationships, which left her alone and empty. It was when she turned back to God that she found her purpose and true identity in her calling- the gifting of rap. She feels led to minister to those who know they are lost and to change the face of the church to a hurting world. 


Toyalove grew up in a lil town of less than 600 people in North Carolina. Growing up surrounded by the church and music, she always felt convicted when listening to secular hip-hop. Not finding an alternative at the time for the high-energy, high-intensity music she craved (except for Lecrae and a few others), she decided to be the one to create it. With her hype beats, she wants to uplift and encourage her fans to keep going and never give up. 

V. Rose

California girl all the way, V. Rose grew up the only girl in a house with six brothers. Going to church every day, singing and listening to the Gospel gave her a unique God experience, if a bit sheltered. When her parents divorced at the age of six, there were a lot of emotions to navigate, and she turned to her Lord for comfort, always talking to Him and always staying in His presence. When at 16, she surrendered her life to Him while up on stage, she no longer wanted glory for herself, just Him. A mix of pop, hip-hop, R&B, rock, and electronic dance music, she wants her fans to know that God has a plan, and there is still time to find what that is. 


Commonly known as the First Lady of Reach Records, Wande knows a thing or two about facing opposition. Growing up with a Muslim father and Christian mother meant she had to wake up early before her parents to devote time to God. While struggling to find her calling, a dream showed her her fear kept her from her God-given purpose. Once she chose faith over fear, the doors opened wide, and she went from serving artists at Reach Records to becoming one of their own. 

Zane One

Zane Marie Reynosa from Whittier, California, was part of the hip-hop collective Tunnel Rats, a Christian hip-hop group comprising seventeen individuals, including frontman, brother Dax, and cousin Jurny Big. Zane began rapping at 15 and, three years later, became one of the group’s first members when Dax held an open mic night. Touring heavily with them, she became known as “vicious on the mic” and one of the first female MCs to garner respect from men in the CHH space. She released her debut album in 2009, L.A. Woman, and has appeared in other albums more than a dozen times in the past two decades. She started out 2023 with a new album, That’s What She Said, her first project in 10 years.

Honorable Mentions

What a fantastic ride and a privilege to cover so many talented women. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention three women that have had a significant impact on CHH: Dee Diaz, SVP of Marketing and Digital at Reach Records, Erinn Knight, Tour Manager, Artist Manager, Owner of BYOD and Co-owner of INVT Only and Ritz McCain, Senior Editor of Christian and Gospel Music at Spotify. 

And finally, we would also like to send some love to our other in-house rock star, founder of DayLight Inc Ministries, singer, songwriter, producer, worldwide radio personality, and co-host of our Daylight Morning Show: Reyna Day

These women have put their heart into their work, which has been a credit to them and their Maker. For everything you do, ladies, to make CHH great, we owe you a debt of gratitude.

This is only the beginning.

The space for women in CHH is at an exciting crossroads.

Behind us lays the foundation of CHH dominated by men; in front of us, an uncertain future- will their voices be heard like their brothers in Christ? 

These female MCs have been there since the genre’s birth, giving it a finesse that could only come from the fairer sex.

Holy Culture is committed to lifting the female voice to greater heights. To amplify their light for even more people to see. 

As more women join the space, we hope to continue to add to the stellar lineup above- spreading the message of hope within each woman’s sphere. 

The change starts here, and ladies, this is only the beginning.

50 Women in CHH You Should Know Playlist



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