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[review.] B-Luv – Growth

b-luv-growthWith the album, entitled “Growth”, Brandon “B-Luv” Johnson has established that he is here to make a huge impact in the Christian Hip Hop world. Even though “Growth” is his debut album, B-Luv gives off the appearance of being a seasoned veteran with the album cover and maturity in his lyrics. One of the most appealing things in an artist is their ability to be authentic within their rhymes and B-Luv was seemingly able to do just that.

Often times on debut albums the artist will try to go way out of their comfort zone musically and it ends up causing the whole album to suffer. B-Luv did the exact opposite. It is apparent he knows exactly what he is great at musically (which is absolutely murdering beats with nice lyrics and imagery) and stuck to just that and there is no doubt he will continue to grow as an artist and expand his realm of musical talent.

As I said previously, B-Luv was able to capture authenticity in his lyrics because lyrically he presented what God has been teaching him. I suppose that’s why he named the album “Growth.” For this reason, this album has the potential to be very very encouraging to any Christian going through a season of life and they are unsure what perspective to take on it. The song “Grow” featuring JAI can encourage any Christian to keep going and realize that pain brings growth.

One of the coolest concepts I’ve ever heard on a song comes on the track “Guidance” featuring Da T.R.U.T.H., TWYSE and Darion Ja’Von. In the first verse B-Luv shares to T.R.U.T.H. and TWYSE that he really isn’t sure how to handle the new found “fame” in having a buzz around his name. His maturity is shown in one particular line “..As ministers we miss the chance to be ministered to..” Proverbs 20:18b says “so if you wage war, obtain guidance” and that is exactly what B-Luv is doing here. Its a beautiful concept that shows his humility and the fact that music alone cannot disciple a person, discipleship is outside of the booth and in relationships with older, wiser, people.

All in all, this is an unreal debut album. In an interview B-Luv said the only way he can explain all of the features is God’s favor. One thing is for sure, the features go extremely well with the flow of the album, from Da T.R.U.T.H. killing a verse, to Leah Smith singing praises to our King in “Eternity.” B-Luv’s incredible growth outside of the booth has carried over into his music and has been fully demonstrated on this album. B-Luv seemingly made a statement that he was here to stay in the Christian Hip Hop realm and it’s clear that his focal point in this season of life is to encourage believers in their daily walk with the Lord.

Stand out songs:

  • Graduation Day ft. Isaiah Tate & B.Reith
  • unTITLED ft Darion Ja’Von
  • Guidance ft Da T.R.U.T.H., TWYSE, & Darion Ja’Von
  • HERO ft J.R.
  • Eternity ft Leah Smith
  • The Greatest
  • Success.Fear.Reflections

Written by Brandon Moore (@brandonmoore623)

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