The 116 Life Ep. 26 – Big Blessings with Jaye Newton and Richdanfamous.

A Summer of Blessings: A Conversation with Jaye Newton and Rich Dan Famous

On this episode of The 116 Life, guest host Meah Evans of M&M Live Radio, which she’s been hosting for nearly a decade is back in the driver’s seat. And our incredible guests this episode are Jaye Newton and Rich Dan Famous, whose song Blessings is featured on this year’s Reach Records Summer Playlist.

Summer Memories and Music Beginnings

We kicked off our conversation by discussing how their summer has been. Jaye Newton mentioned the heat and his gratitude for the opportunities he’s been given, while Rich Dan Famous expressed his joy at being part of the summer playlist and the current music scene.

When asked about their favorite summer memories, Jaye fondly recalled Summer 16, a carefree time filled with great music. Rich, on the other hand, humorously reminisced about the summers before he had bills to worry about.

Our conversation then transitioned to their journey into the music industry. Jay shared that his passion for music was ignited in fourth grade when he performed a song in a talent show. Despite getting into trouble for making a diss song about his teacher in seventh grade, his love for music only grew stronger. He continued to pursue music throughout high school and college, eventually finding his place in the industry.

The Journey into Hip Hop

Jaye fell in love with hip hop in middle school, inspired by artists like Tribe, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy. His earliest memory of music was Outkast’s “Miss Jackson,” and he started making his own mixtapes in middle school, emulating Soulja Boy’s DIY approach. Jaye credits his uncle for writing his first song and his dad for supporting his music aspirations.

Rich Dan Famous, on the other hand was introduced to music at a young age and developed a passion for it. Rich acknowledges the influence of his uncle, who wrote his first song and encouraged him to pursue music.

Both Jay and Rich expressed gratitude for the support they received from their family members, which gave them the confidence to pursue music as a career. They emphasized the importance of being their own boss and carving their own path in the industry. Jaye also credits artists like Lecrae and Kanye West for expanding his perspective on music.

Faith and Family

Jay and Rich also discussed the pressures and challenges that come with leading their families and friends in their faith journeys. Jay talked about the stronghold on his family and how he feels the responsibility to lead by example. He mentioned that even the little things like praying over food and posting scriptures have made a difference in his family’s faith. He also mentioned the pressure he feels from the kids who look up to him as a YouTube influencer with 400,000 subscribers.

Rich shared his own experience of feeling the pressure to break generational curses and strongholds in his family, especially on his mom’s side where they don’t know Jesus or talk about Him. He talked about his mission to expose his family and friends to Christ and to be the change he wants to see in the world. He emphasized the importance of not just talking about it, but actually getting in the trenches and taking action.

The Making of “Blessings”

We then moved on to discuss Jaye and Rich’s song “Blessings,” which is featured on the Reach Records Summer 23 playlist. The song will be released on July 26th. Jaye explained that “Blessings” was actually the first day he and Rich met. They had seen each other at the camp before but hadn’t had a chance to talk. Rich added that Dre, who brought him in, played a significant role in connecting them.

They quickly clicked and started working on the song. They were in the studio, and Boesky was playing beats when they stumbled upon the beat for “Blessings.” Within 20 minutes, they had written the song.

The Power of Music and Faith

Jaye shared his experience of posting a video on TikTok that unexpectedly went viral. He explained that he had initially forgotten about the video after sharing it with his friends. However, he felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit to upload it on TikTok, and he did so without expecting much. To his surprise, the video started gaining traction and received thousands of likes and positive comments from people of different backgrounds, including Muslims and atheists.

Jaye expressed his hope that the song they are about to release will serve as an opening for people to experience God in a different way. He wants listeners to understand that they don’t have to fit a certain mold or adhere to specific religious practices to have a relationship with God. He emphasizes the importance of vulnerability and being true to oneself in expressing faith.

When asked about the message they want people to take away from the song, Jaye emphasized that it’s all about Jesus. He wants listeners to know that despite the challenges and tribulations they may face, God’s plan is to bless and prosper them. He encourages them to keep their focus on God’s blessings and not be discouraged by temporary circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Jaye and Rich reflected on the biggest blessings in their lives, with Jay highlighting the transformative experience of getting saved and seeing his family and others embrace faith. He no longer worries about the future because he knows that God has a plan for him.

Jaye also discussed the challenges he sees in life, comparing them to the streets. He believes that just like in the streets, there are spiritual forces trying to knock people down every day. He mentions that Satan can’t kill them, but he can try to deceive them. Jaye feels privileged to use his voice to help people become aware of these spiritual battles and encourages them to put on their armor of God for protection.

Rich expressed his agreement with Jaye’s perspective, stating that being chosen by God is the biggest blessing in itself. He appreciates the opportunity to be on the show and shares his social media handles for people to connect with him and his ministry.

I want to thank Jaye and Rich for being on the show and encourage you all to follow them on social media. Their song “Blessings” will be released on July 26th, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

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