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Sometimes things are as simple as following the leader, a fact that Texas-bred and current Columbus, Ohio native, daYungSnapper, is well aware of. After cutting his teeth in the secular-game, daYungSnapper is looking to make his own mark.

De’Angelo Henry (26) was a military brat and has traveled all over the place. It was while he was coming-up in Texas that he began to develop the rapid-fire skills that make his sound so unique and warranted. De’Angelo has always been ambitious and when he moved to Columbus, Ohio, that is when his solo career really began to take off. His solo career began to take off thanks to his feature on Ty Wills’ 2003 hit single, “Chop’n up the Streets.” After that things began to fall into place.

Naturally, daYungSnapper’s presence was felt on many of Will’s hit singles and over the next three years, the latest being “Beating Up the Block on Chrome,” of which he also co-produced. While Wills locked down the charts, DaYungSnapper (formerly known as ‘Angry”) fed the streets with a steady stream of features and appearances on mixtapes and singles; including the 2004 anthem, “I’m a Player I’m a Baller.” De’Angelo, who had grown up in the church and was raised on the gospel sounds of “The Clark Sisters,” “The Winans,” “John P. Kee” and “Tremaine Hawkins,” began to feel the tug in his spirit that it was time for a change.

With the grace of God and the determination of a pitbull in his wife Opal, he was pushed into his first solo gospel album entitled “Trillumphant”. He had marinated in the game for so-long, this became quite easy for him and following the Lord’s lead was as simple as closing his eyes and seeing the fruits of the Spirit begin to manifest before his eyes.

With two features on P-Duble’s new album, “STANK: Block Boi,” followed by the recent release of his “King of the Hill” mixtape; proof positive is evident that the Lord has some special things planned for this artist whom has since not only dropped the moniker (Angry) from his name, but also that mentality.

With all the pieces firmly in-place, daYungSnapper is set to finally release his street-oriented album in 2010.

Yet, fans expecting a glimpse of fast-life have another thing coming. “This ain’t the Robin Thicke records, this ain’t the John Legend records, this not that,” says P-Duble. “He just went back to the love and core nucleus of great music, which is the dopest beats and the dopest rhymes.”

That’s how it is when you’re riding with God.

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