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[video.] Elan Brio “Keep Of the Median”

Album Concept – Keep off the Median
This album is focused on how mainstream culture affects us. Every person born is a product of the fall of man. Élan Brio is no different, and with this album he steps out of the Christian subculture and tells of some of the personal troubles he has endured. Life is hard, yes, but it is impossible without Jesus. To get the concept of this album, picture yourself driving down a highway to a final destination. The safe way to arrive there would be to follow the laws of the road. For example, no speeding, no texting while driving, and of course you must keep off the median and stay on the road. This is a perfect picture of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. We have to get on the road or path, focus on the goal ahead, and keep off the median. The road might get dangerous or downright hazardous, but we can keep straight on that road with the help of Jesus till we get to the final destination which is Heaven. Hope you enjoy the album and may it bless you. Grace and Peace,
Élan Brio

Produced by: Elan Brio
CD Name: Keep Off the Median
CD Release Date: May 9,2012
Record Label: N/A
Follow Me: @elanbrio7

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