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Sling Shot Media Group LLC artist Trevor Easley better known by his stage name Trev-Eaz was born and raised in Columbus, OH. Taking lessons from the infamous Krumm Park area where he grew up, Trev-Eaz learned early the evils that come with poverty, crime, and drugs. Hoping to steer him away from the influences that could lead him astray, Trev-Eaz mother saw fit to make sure he stayed in church on Sunday’s and looked to give him discipline as well as the truth of the Scriptures.

However the allure of the streets, rap lyrics, and the untimely death of his mother would prove to be obstacles that Trev-Eaz would eventually have to hurdle and overcome. At 19 years old Trev-Eaz saw fit to dedicate his gifts and talents to the sharing of the Gospel through rap and visual arts. He soon inked a label deal with childhood friend Yaves Ellis who had then just started Sling Shot Media Group LLC.

With a raw approach to his music and an eclectic thought process to accompany it, Trev-Eaz has a sound that is all his own. His deliver is straight to the point, his work ethic is one product of the lessons he has learned from the Krumm Park streets that help raise him, his passion is rooted in the memory of the mother who worked tirelessly to show him the way.

His first debut album TDA: The Disappearing Act will allow Trev-Eaz to share his story; one that will quiet doubters, but more importantly serve to glorify the God who has given him this platform.


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